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Three 6 Mafia - Dollar Signs [Remix] feat. Rick Ross, Billy Wes, Project Pat

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Dollar Signs (Remix) (feat. Three Six Mafia and Rick Ross)
(Juicy J)
Hey Billy West, play me some old Triple 6 maine…MAFIA-A-A

Hook (Billy West)
Dollar signs in my eyes, all I see’s money (x4)
All I see is money….Rubber bands, Rubber bands, Rubber bands, Rubber bands (x4)

Verse 1 (Rick Ross)
(During 1st Hook: Huuuh…Huuuh...Rosey...Three Sixxxxxxx...Big Shit...Big Shit…Huuuh…Huuuh…Huuuh…Rosey!)
Step out da car, rubber bands in my pocket
Rose gold Rolex look like it’s plugged in a socket
All the bad bitches lookin’, all the fuck niggas jockin’
People investigatin’ I’ll let the streets keep on talkin’
Got a brick in the trunk, you know I gotta get mine
Mama always said, “It’ll come in due time”
So I took what she said, flipped dat bitch a few times
Went and got a suburban and a new biz to ride
Then I loaded the sticks, I just wanna survive
A quarter’s going for six, you can get’em for five
The streets gotta demand, therefore I gotta supply
If you want it for cheap, oh man I got a surprise
I need them…

Hook (Billy West)

Verse 2 (Project Pat)
We need this money….rubber bands…rubber bands…rubber bands
The green got my mind lit up like a lantern
Not a phantom opera, but a ticket to a phantom
D-Definitely needed, liquored up and weeded
She got mongoose mouth, pull out my snake and let her eat it
A bee for the honey, Chucky Cheese for the toookin
She say he couldn’t swim, hollows got his body flooatin’
The mighty Mississippi come and get me cause I ran off
A thousand of them dippies, I got trippy blew his man’s off
Dollar signs be the motivation like “I had a dream”
To get the green, you might have to pull a Martin Lutha King
Organize a team, choppa guns with them infra-beams
Some Jack won’t jive, park it, so I hustle jellybeans

Hook (Billy West)

Verse 3 (Juicy J)
If you got money in your pockets, stretch dem bands out
In Magic City, strippers call me Mr. Handout
I drink a lotta Rosey, I help the brand out
I drive a Phantom, but don’t make me bring that Lamb out
All these rashes on my dick ‘cause my diamonds glistelin’
Man I get so much money, while you niggas penny pinch
A nigga like me don’t give a fuck about a price
I got a P Diddy swag and a Hugh Hefner life…bitch

Verse 4 (DJ Paul)
You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now
I been stayin’ fly, way before the Stay Fly
And I be raining them dollars like a Mayweath-aa boxer
And I been winning in Cali way before I won my Oscar
L-Livin in mansions, with all God’s blessings
I’m stackin up much taxes, you stackin up much textin
A lot of people question my career choices I made
But I wouldn’t change a day, ‘cause every day I get paid

(Billy West) Hook


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