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The Waterboys - Beverly Penn

Beverly Penn

Beverly Penn

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Girl sleeping on a mansion roof
Under a wintery sky
Wrapped she is in furs and sable,
Starlight in her eye
And what is the name of this creature?
Where did she live and when?
Who was she and why was it
That Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

Four o'clock on a marble morning,
Water pouring on her skin
In fever her life bursts open
And a hurricane blows in
When high from the dreams of this creature
A thief on a horse descends
It was dawn and it was december
And Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

It was all of a windy day
And the sky was full of crows
When her lovely soul ascended
~ she just closed her heart and rose
And whither the soul of this creature?
Tell me the story again
of scarves and songs and the skin of space
and how Peter Lake loved Beverly Penn

I would dive in a freezing river,
set fire to a hundred men
if I could for just one time
love somebody the way that he loved Beverly Penn


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Mike Scott

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Mike Scott

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The Waterboys


In a Special Place – The Piano Demos for This Is the Sea (CD, 2011)

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