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The Stupendium - Find the keys

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Haha! Here we go!
Roll up, roll up!

Come on, kids! Gather round!
It's time to meet a marvel of light and sound
He's here for fun, so don't you frown
He'll be right here when the reel's rewound

He's Bendy! (The darlin' little devil himself)
He's friendly! (Sing and dance and drag you straight to hell!)
Descending! (Down to where the wickedness dwells!)
Three cents, please! (Take a seat and start completing your will!)

I came back to SillyVision, I really wish I didn't
Been here a minute and I instantly wish it good riddance
Something's hidden, think I blinked and saw a scribble living
Deep within the dope sheet, some unholy tome is written

Uh, was this gig meant to be filled with figments of demonic pigment?
I don't think that's proper use of the equipment
Syphoning frightening tyrants from the page into existence

No longer on the stage
Golden age has gone away
Sketchy spooks want to play
Sing along or be erased (ho, boy)

More than this place's rep is stained
Who'll clean up this ink and paint?
Pigment is a stinkin' pain
Let alone when it can maim

I've had enough of those rubberhose murder toons
Ink overflow, puppet show out to tear me into twos
12 frames a second every one is spellin' certain doom
Mowing through a load of goo that's grown into a Joey Drew

Left forgotten on the blotter, we just want a chance to be
The creators couldn't save us, you'll be slain by our machine

Think that I might go insane now
As I try to solve this mystery
But you know that in between the breakdowns
You can always find the keys

Darkness roused, no house of mouse
Ink pen king pin, you're in my house now
No survival kit, chuck your tex-books out
No illusion, it's life, and I'm devout

You Kahl yourself an artist?
Well, I don't think you even know what art is
They say that art is just catharsis
That's why my masterpieces are all pieces of carcass!

I had a little Fleischer inspiration, and Iwerks hard for it!
Think you can Waltz right in? Take part of it?
Singin' Merrie Melodies through Tartarus?
You've drawn the line? I gave it life and artifice!

You got my telegram, swear there ain't no parlour tricks
Just some pentagrams and a couple candle sticks!
Infernal engine wrenchin' Lazarus
Through my pen, rendering masochistic avarice

Family fun turned creepy-crawly
Frankenstein meets Frank and Ollie
Who said smiles had to be jolly?
Smile a mile defiling bodies

Silly spooks got hella gory
Probably an allegory
House of laughter built for slaughterin'!
Fun time factory fell to folly

Oh, yeah!
Swing it!

Soon enough, you'll come round
Embrace this darker art
What goes up must come down
Everything moves in arcs

Gee whiz!

You've been walking round in cycles
And you've had your ups and downs
When you passed out we made contact
Extremely deep underground

I've been drawing seven circles
And that's where he can be found
'Cause these creatures need their sheep
So he can free us from these bounds

Can you hear him crawling through the pipes around the sanctum?
Your sacrifice will free me from the shell I'm trapped in
I've got some questions 'bout the chair that I am strapped in!
Hush, little sheep! Come meet a pal o' mine with black wings!

I'm being hunted by unwanted children's picture shows
By some unholy ghost that broke out of the Zoetrope
The Devil's doodlin' and I guess he found the rotoscope
'Cause now his scrawls can walk the halls of fallen studios

Twisted animator, black magic machinator
Don't let 'em get ya, their adventures hurt far less on paper
They'll squash and stretch you through the gears of their accursed creation
To bring to life a new imagineered abomination

Darkness reigns incarnate at the heart of this machine
Just how deep this inkwell goes is remaining to be seen

Think that I might go insane now
As I try to solve this mystery
But you know that in between the breakdowns
You can always find the keys

That's all, folks!
Tune in next week!
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