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The Redshift Empire - New Horizons

New Horizons

New Horizons

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Here we are, turning and turning again.
On our spinning little rock.

Repeating the circles of our contradictions endlessly, without any purpose.
Living to die and dying to live.

Regardless of consequences, we shaped the world to our desire, we built cities bigger than seas, skycrapers higher than moutains. The price for our unsustainable madness became too much for us to handle, and...
At what seemed to be the end of humanity, where despair cynism and violence arised, we are bringing to you new horizons

For we are born to love more than to cry , for we are born to survive more than to try.
No matter your beliefs, no matter who you love, your colour or where you're from

Together as one, through the infinity of the sky, we'll overcome our fears for a glorious journey
as we are The Redshift Empire


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The Redshift Empire

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The Redshift Empire

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The Redshift Empire


New Horizons (2023)

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2 446 130 tekstów, 31 594 poszukiwanych i 1 365 oczekujących

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