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The Lonely Island - Cocaine

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Snort snort snort the cocaine [x3]
Snort-y snort snort the cocaine

Drop the biggest bump I ever hit
Yo fucking chop another kid

I wanna do it til my face falls off
Til my tongue’s so numb that the taste fall off

I do blow
And boy I do it viciously
Lines in my face and the mother fucking rest is history

Cocaine cocaine
China bright, snow white
Rolled to a raven
Steal a mother fucker’s blow light

Keep my dough right
Man these white lines bite
Make me bleed out my mother fucking eyes tonight
So highhhhh
Nose like a power vac
Girls rub me down just to get into my powder sack

On the power track
So I drink to my health
Lift the rail off the mirror and I wink to myself

No needle in my vein
I got to maintain
A bitch like me is doing cocaine

Snort snort snort the cocaine [x3]
Snort-y snort snort the cocaine

Snort snort snort the cocaine [x3]
Snort-y snort snort the cocaine

I like to do the cokey-coke
You’ll never see me smokey-smoke
Never buy, already brokey-broke
Pass me a dollar and I’ll roll it up
For yo

Were gonna sell and cut tonight
Uhhh huhhh
I’m gonna yell and fuck tonight
Uhhh huhhh
I’m gonna press my luck tonight
Uhh huhh
Motha fuckas better duck tonight
Uhh huhh
Doing lines off my face with a bendy straw
Pick up my whole card in half with a bendy saw
There ain’t enough room for me in this town
And once my dick gets hard it’ll never go down

A to the M to the dark to the sun
When it comes to getting gacked we stay number one
While others split a grab, we be sniffing a ton
And we never fucking stop until the bag is done

I walk in the party with my dick in my hand
And straight to the bathroom with my dick in my hand
You wanna step up I got the brick in my hand
Then leave your ass face down with my dick in my hand

Denis ay I hit the yay all day
Went to your party must stay all day
Hit you in the brain
Leave your face ug-lay
Anderson give a fuck what ya’ll say.

Fill up Anderson looking for action
Dear God on the floor
Call the chain reaction

Step up
You better learn how to act son
No go
You better hit the track bud

Arny ay, but the girls call me Arny
Do more blows than the Columbian army
Made my name in the hyrdogame
Now I play all day on my hydroplane.

Tell me if your nose froze
Girls with no clothes
Then your face pushed in
For that shit that you stole

We cut your shit with ay jack so products bump
And it sits a hundred grand out the back of my trunk
When your radio play you can’t fuck with Philip ay
Andersons mother fucker till my dying day

While you were horse faced, running
Tryin to get the crowd hyped
We was in the back
Sippin yack
Startin fist fights
I hit the light when I spin on your girl
Turn around and do a line
And I spit on your girl

That’s the sound of my laughter
My grove takes my life
To a live firecracker
Never sleep
All my dreams end in disaster
Life in the fast lane just got faster

What’s your name?
Arny ay, call me Mr. What
Last to pass out
And the first to fuck
And whatchya do?
Sell snow
Man, all the blow
The mother fucking pipe,
Pipe arose me though

What’s your name?
Denny ay, soft soother with the luga
Have more keys than the ones on your computer
Whatchya do?
Anything, anywhere, anytime and place
You try to shake my hand I’ll punch you in the face

What’s your name?
Philip ay, known as bobby flay
Cuz I cook that coke up everyday
And whatchya do?
Drink, fuck, snort, shoot and fight
Ya fuck with Phil ya gonna fuck all night

What’s ya name?
Anderson, the family’s here
The one that you love, and hate and fear
And whatchya do?
Known to party every night and day
Try to make us leave but we’re still gonna stay
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The Lonely Island

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