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The Game - Can't Stop Me feat. Fredwreck
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[Verse One]
Who gon' stop me when I'm dribblin' the rock
Even coaches tell their big man, to move out the middle when
I'm cuttin' through the key, blow past you and prove your D
You in a zone, I'll shoot the three
You playin' man to man I'll shake the mascot of your jersey
Leave you in the stands with fans
All the players on the bench like: "He ain't dunkin'"
But when the kid flies through the lane, the D ain't jumpin'
He can't stop me, it's too easy, crossover off the glass, windmill fo sheezy
And if he double team I'll jam on both ya
Cock it back, make you and your man a poster
And-1, stand your coach up
Even he knows I'm gonna hit both of the free throws, And I'm on D
You can find me around the boards
You know how we play, EA 2004

[Hook] (Scratches)
Who gon' stop me when I'm dribblin' the rock
The Game and Fredwreck
He can't stop me, it's too easy
The Game and Fred...Fredwreck
Who gon' stop me when I'm dribblin' the rock
The Game and Fred...Fredwreck
You can't....can't stop me
Cock it back, make you and your man a poster

[Verse Two]
It don't matter if it's practice or franchise mode
I'll get three, standing backwards with my Dumars clothes
We can be on the home court, or out on the road
I'm outta control, tomahawk, get outta the hole
I'm realer than most players, when I'm in the post player
It don't matter, sky hook or finger roll-lay-up
When I'm puttin' the J. up
You'll better have a hand on my chest
Or the soft-leather's going straight through the net
It ain't about offense, I'll play D. in a post
So quick your point guard'll think he's seeing a ghost
With the ball in the third row every time I block shots
Gon' be a turnover, they ain't watchin the shot-clock
Throw the alley-hoop I'mma dunk with a lean in it
Steal the inbound pass, the rock and get my team in it
And I don't care about stats as long as my team's winning
And we're celebrating in the locker room when we finish



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