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The 1975 - Part of the Band

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She was part of the Air Force
I was part of the band
I always used to bust into her hand
In my imagination
I was living my best life
Living with my parents
Way before the paying penance
And verbal propellants
And my cancellation

And I fell in love with a boy
It was kinda lame
I was Rimbaud and he was Paul Verlaine
In my imagination
So many cringes and heroin binges
I was coming off the hinges
Living on the fringes of my imagination
Enough about me now
"You gotta talk about the people, baby"

Now I'm at home - somewhere I don't like
Eating stuff off of motorbikes
Coming to her lookalikes

I can't get the language right
Just tell me what's unladylike

I know some Vaccinista tote bag chic baristas
Sitting in east on their communista keisters
Writing about their ejaculations

“I like my men like I like my coffee
Full of soy milk and so sweet it won't offend anybody”
Whilst staining the pages of the nation

A Xanax and a Newport
“I take care of my kids” she said

The worst inside of us begets that feeling on the internet
It's like someone intended it
A diamond in the rough begets the diamond with a scruff
You get
Am I ironically woke?
The butt of my joke?
Or am I just some post-coke, average, skinny bloke
Calling his ego imagination?

I've not picked up that in a thousand four hundred days
And nine hours and sixteen minutes, babe
It's kind of my daily iteration

Yeah, I'm already bored but looks amazing
It's very hard to stay yourself and also speak properly
I think there should be sheep with us in the performance
As a reference to Orwellian grouphink theory, not really
Will just look cool, but also that I suppose
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2 132 688 tekstów, 19 871 poszukiwanych i 504 oczekujących

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