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Tech N9ne - Wheaties (feat. Shawnna)

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[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
My energy's pumping, it's finna be something to see
Cause when I be drunken, it's sin to be humping with me
If women be crunk and authentic we jump in the B
Then I'm in it, we bumpin to the finish, T punching the V
Like a prize fighter, eyes light up
When I glide by the thighs
Try the size, why the cries?
Cause I be the pied piper
Wide or tighter
I'm like a, pie-diver, prize swiper
Rider all night to the hide hiker
I been away for a long while
Sick of just being your phone-pal
You might be needing your long towels
When I get to you, it's on now, wow!
Better gas up when you with the king kong, gal
Get it, pivot, women dig it, lick it, then I hit it
Girl, that's my grown style!
I'm really gonna be living in what you're giving
I'm all over you like I'm Peppy Le Peau
Give me the goodies I wanna know if you wanna get on top of me
No I gotta be when I'm stepping to you
Give it away to Nina, repeat it, I feel it up when I beat it
You never want me to leave, but you gotta please me thorough
If you wanna piece of a gorilla, you want it with Tecca Nina
Better eat your Wheaties, girl!

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
Baby, I hope you ate your Wheaties
When you see me it won't be easy, yeah
Hope your intention ain't to tease me
You wanna please me better eat your wheaties, girl

[Verse 2: Shawnna]
I know you want me baby
Do I make you horny, baby?
I can tell by your eyes, you want me to ride you like a horsey, baby
Better back up off me, baby
Oh, you're not the type to be scurred
If you feel this, we can do it real big
Maybe you can meet me in the back of the G4
We can do it in the 'Lac on the D-low
We can do it on the track for the people
Seen you looking at the ass, we do it for the cash
I throw it like craps at the 'sino
Never had one like me, shorty
When I'm done when the wife is shouting
Maybe thinking that she's like me
But you see, it's just unlikely, shorty
When I get him, I'mma get in the rhythmn
And have him feeling like he never ever felt befo'
Get up in him and I fill him with venom
And have him chillin' and drilling me from the night to the morn'
Baby, you gotta be taking over me, part of me, pardon me
I think he got me in the zone
Love it when he call me on the phone
He never been in love so much, but see the body in a thong
He like to put the nookie in his face
And everytime I get out of line he like to put me in my place
He put me in the A, or should I say the 745
Gotta .45 chillin' in the safe
So what'cha wanna say? your boy wanna see me
Trying to meet me cause I'm on TV
Better believe I want you, and I'm finna come through
Cause I ate my Wheaties...


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Since I gotta super label and
I got a big amount to pay the hand
So can a nigga get a table dance?
You looking hotter than Zatarains
And I'm thinking of getting laid again
I don't, give a damn about who that belong to
Don't, keep the Nina waiting any longer
Want to be the lucky one to get up on you
C'mon, shake your booty, baby, do that conga!
You don't wanna miss it, cause I'mma hit it terrific and I be so
Rugged, ya love it I'm, cock diesel
Me so, horny but don't be thinking I'm evil
Please your, body cause baby it's squisito
Don't get it twisted when you get with a nice cat
Give me what you want because ya know when you like that
But get up in the sack, you won't be able to fight that
Brace on your neck and in your panties an ice pack
Eat them Wheaties and really you can get power
Come in and get at you every motherfucking hour
Give you a lot of it then we get up in the shower
Then hit Roscoe's on Sunset and Gower
I'mma leave for a minute but I'mma be back
You can videotape it can't nobody see that
Eat your Wheaties, cause everyday I'mma need cat
So if you looking to see me you better eat that

[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
I'm coming to get it just so you know
Ain't no prison in the system that can hold a bro, no
And I'm gon' hit, like I told you so
Don't be actin' like you forgot it, you're s'posed to know, yo



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