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Tech N9ne - The Waitress

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[Intro: Waitress]
(Hi, may I take your order?)

[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
Hey, that's all I'mma say right now
I'm at a loss for words, girl, you, girl, gon' take that bow
You lookin... boy, my lady would hate this
If she knew that I was out with her but I'm trippin off the waitress

[Verse 1]
Woo shit! Who's this? Baby, why you do this?
I'm sittin here with another female and it's 'posed to be exclusive
Beauty, fully loaded booty hips and thighs
I want a raspberry lemonade, baby, and whatever yo name is on the side
You speak unique, beautiful teeth I just peeped
It's makin me weak to the point I can't even eat
Cause you give me butterflies, them butter thighs need to be publicized
A wonderful face and waist that's great and there's no mistake that I love the eyes
Never like them other guys, cause when I want it I'm on it
The way I'm watchin you feel uncomfortable, don't it?
But I'm thinkin you should be in movies and this you need to quit
Then suddenly under my table I got a kick

I'm with my girlie but I'm lookin at the waitress
I'm at a business meeting trippin off the waitress
Can't think of eatin, man, my girl will really hate this
I'm sittin here with her but starin at the waitress
And I like the way the waitress (work that, work that)
Come get your money, girl, and (work that, work that)
I really like the way you (work that, work that)
Can I get you on the floor? (Work that, work that)
The waitress got it goin on

Take my order anytime, I come here many times
A week so she can give me mine, baby girl is plenty fine
Business meeting, capital grin, was sippin when she caught my eye
When she came over to us I said, "Can I get yo number on the fly?"
Smell like no other, look like she strip undercover
Wish I could follow her home and just say thank you to her mother
Another interested brother who'd love to become your lover
Burn rubber to the spot to tell my dogs how much I dug ya
Outta here but I'm not gonna leave this place without gettin in yo face
I'm not a disgrace so I gotta see how you taste
And I move at a puma's pace
So baby please if you find the time to get up out the weeds
I wanna make you my squeeze cause these other chicks you supercede
I call her waitress and homie, I call him server
The waiter's a bloody murder, I never wanna hear no murmur no further
Cause she's bliss, I'm tryin to get in yo knicks
I want you so my order you can 86


[Verse 3]
And don't be tippin her below 20 percent
She need plenty for rent, leave her with pennies, then see her vent
To get money's her purpose, you don't tip, go get burgers
Believe her's is for TIPS meaning Tuition Ensuring Prompt Service
I'm nervous cause I'm gawkin mom's curvage
I'm beyond flirtish, us hookin up we both concert it
Where you get that smell from? She would never tell one
But she told me this, she say me she liked me cause I'm well done
Now your girl lookin real, real stanky, ain't she?
Cause she know you lookin at the waitress thinkin hanky-panky
Her attitude is wonderful, even got the strength to thank me
Even though she a single parent breakin her back but ain't so cranky
I had to make her my girl, now she gon' eat with me
Southern booty, mane, I truly never need to flee
I'm stayin focused, the waitress got me posted
But dwamn, look at that booty on the hostess...

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