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Tech N9ne - Stress Relief

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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
This is for all the times when you just can't take it no more
When all your kindness is gone out the door
When injustice and bullshit talk is yet to seize
Every once in a while you gotta flip out and get some stress relief

[Hook: Tech N9ne:
Aw shit! Motherfucker! I'mma kick yo' fucking ass!
This is stress relief, this is stress relief
This-this is stress relief
Come on and sing it with me!

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Who you talking to?
What you wanna do?
What the hell you thinking?
Who the fuck are you?
Where's my fucking money?
I'mma beat your ass!
What's so fucking funny?
Nigga, I'mma need more cash
Why you tryna play me?
I'mma stomp you until you're delirious
You niggas must be crazy
Are you fucking serious!?
Fuck this goddamn job
You know what, I quit
I'm ready to go in on you
You lying son of a bitch
You don't know shit
Don't get your throat slit
Stop moving slow, trick
I don't give a damn, I don't wanna hear
Which one of 'em did it, nigga
Why you shake and shiver?
Pull the fucking trigger!


[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
What you say to me!?
What you wanna fight!?
This ain't what you want!
Bitch, I got all night
Just say what you wanna say!
I heard what you said!
She had sex with who!?
In my fucking bed!
Don't call me no more!
You fucking whore!
Get down on the floor!
Shut that goddamn door!
I'm ready to smash!
You ready to blast!?
Get ready to pull it!
Throw some bullets in these haters' ass!
Motherfuck the judge!
You holding a grudge?
You fucked up my plug!
You killin' my buzz!
I'mma fuck up this club!
Oh, you wanna push and shove?
You reppin that, cuz!?
What's with it, Blood!?

Sometime you gotta let loose and
Flip on a fucking
Not give a damn about they two cents
Cussing 'em out, reduce them

Get gruesome
Out in a bout

As a punching bag with my

Hunt the chump then dump
Got you pumped and mad

And dash
We go to jail
We know the sell
It's cold as hell
Po' here go the bail
You know the Yale

You think I'm s'po' to fail?
Bitch, go to hell!


I feel better now..
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Tech N9ne

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2 346 209 tekstów, 28 968 poszukiwanych i 467 oczekujących

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