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Tech N9ne - Running Out Of Time Root

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[Verse 1]
Pain (Pain) (What is it?)
Originally penalty physically or mentally sensations
You feel when you hurtin' distressed
A bit of anguish can bring you closer to your death
Cause of the lack of success now
Time, ain't on my side
Cause I'm tryin' to find my piece of mind and rhyme
But the catch is you got to have the paper to shine
If we don't I'm sorry, we might have to do capers do crime
Cause my mom is sick doc I'm grid-locked
Epilepsy and Lupus, Alfred Hitchcock
Couldn't write the suspense and shit on this block
Fist-cocked when I'm walking my lips locked
IRS and the child division they wanna
Shut a nigga down to the ground, gotta make this shit pop

[Hook] (2X)
Times a-running out (Running out)
Time keeps on tickin' (We got to keep it movin')
Times a-running out (Running out)
Time keeps on slippin' (We got to keep it movin')

[Verse 2]
Neva' like I cheated for the chedder
Whatever we gotta do to make it better cause I'm (Running out)
Mama gotta get a better livin'
I got the power to bust (We got to do it movin')
Tryin' to get a milli and really I been silly
The pill in me killin' me the devil (Comin' out)
Lookin' for love an the demon never lookin' for love
I'm in lust (I guess I'm truly ruined)
No matter what I ever do, Nina always gotta deliver
Never comin' out on top as the winner
Might have to take it back to November
'71 when I was the heavenly son
Now we run with killers who carry the guns
Marry the bum now I gotta marry the one
But I'm sick of hittin' the clubs, done (?)
The root of the problems is the root of all evil
The ones that hiss at the enemy
And the ones that ruined my people
After all this time, after all this rhyme
Still comin' to see me the fans
Takin' in all this all this Nine
And that's positive cause everything
Is negative I need a sedative
You get her preg-a-nent they levy shit
Takin more money than you'll ever get
I'm ready as ready get
For the capital out for your stack
I'll attack for your fetti, bitch
But thats petty shit
And if I grind I wonder how much time they gon' make me sit

[Hook] (2X)

[Verse 3]
It's like it's a trap - Rap
When you spend your scratch
And you get with a partner on the coast
And somehow you never get it back
And you can't go get him with a gat
Cause if you do that
The state will separate you from your brats
Chillin' with the killers and rats
I'm in a race for time
They wanna replace my mind
Skinheads, cops, gangbangers
And it's all in the devil's design
Just to get me Gotta get the money quickly
Before my mother is a wonderful history
If I can't make it before that
I will never ever forgive me
Racin' for happiness for that sunshine euphoria
But it's melancholy
And it's dim-foggy and dark like Fangoria
I'm tryin' to pick up the pieces
That are broken beast is my species
So I hope my mother's alive and me too when this album releases
But the time is tickin' and my kids
Are growin' up I ain't blowin' up
I guess the bass in my music ain't hittin' low enough
Fuck that shit nigga cause my tone is tough
Shit that I'm doing is rough
Meetings with Atlantic, Jive and TVT can't come soon enough

[Hook] (2X)

[Outro: Krizz Kaliko]
We do too much, will we make it?
We make money and they take it
Time (Time, time, time) (Runnin' out)
For me and you what is we gonna do?
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