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Tech N9ne - Gamer

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Welcome to G-G-G-Gamer.
The game were either you can be the player, or you can get played.
Caution, if you do enguage and you lose,
this could result in sever heart trauma or distort your way of thinking.
Play Safely... safely... safely.

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne]
I-I-I am a game-gamer
Play the part major heart breaker brain changer
Take her thoughts make her start they insane anger
Then they can march, hate can spark, names DA-DANGER
You gotta be fine to get in my chamber
Untamed ain't no shame when I bang stranger
But that's a thousand point, one got it, but the thing drained her
And the game hanged her in the strain of a main claimed her.
Now what you gon do different?
Wonder how well the picture went.
The one I saw was twitcher sent
Saw through mommy like Mr.Kent.
Lookin like her kissers were whistlin to get liquor bent
Or wishin for me to sticker in a position to dip I get her hint.
A hundred points she gets cause we connected
Five hundred points for the number that tech direct texted.
Bonus three hundred if she come over and get naked.
But a stinky crevice took her to nothing, girl take the exit.

[Hook - Krizz Kaliko]
I'm a game
She the game
I'm a playa
You not the same
Who to loose
Who to blame
Don't hate the playa
Hate the game
I can be your super lover babe if you just let me in,
baby it ain't hard to play the game but maybe hard to win
Its a rollercoaster ride come on as I give it a spin
Play it right you get an extra man babay!

[Verse 2 - Tech N9ne]
Next player she say shes the best slayer
She love when her breasts bare
With hot candlewax that's rare
Six hundred points when she say her and her girl is a sex pair
That'll get you an extra man now we gamin on that there

[Kutt Calhoun]
Baby you doin good stay on it picked up an extra man
The only way to use that bonus is if a sexy friend
equally fine as you may join us to pass the test
to slam fingers in and then out on your own personal message can
Skype is so exciting and virtual
when two tight women ignite in a delightfulness of diking in about five minutes
You might just win it yet
but now your girl lookin up tight with it
lack of participation got your points steadily spiking
And if five hundred points is important
Then let your mind body and souls free
Keep your opponents from trying to score these
Mighty sluttin up with just seconds left on the board
3-2-1 and on to the next ones cause these bore me

[Hook 2]

[Verse 3 - Kutt Calhoun]
Eleven Hundred points mommy looked smelled and taste good
But lost it from tellin it all on facebook
One got a dinner
The other from twitter was usin a fake picture
And in the end werent none of them winners
Till I met this girl from tagged.com
Got to meet me, whip me, and she be freaky deaky
Got the dinner a movie and plus a repeat.
Highest score ever but i broke the broad
Say you came close but no cigar my minds primed.

[Tech N9ne]
Gamin on ya
Even if you got some good head hood said
You keep the pood fed till the woods dead
If you happen to get into bed with me
Then you'll spread quickly and do a medley of ooh and yea's with me
And thats a thousand points if you get that
Dinner is a thousand mo you can get it if you with that
Good conversation can prolly get you diamond knickknacks
But a misshap like bloggin about how I did that, give my shit back!

[Hook - Krizz Kaliko]

Thank you for playing Gamer
Congrats if you are the winner
Sorry and shit if you are a loser
If indeed you failed
Please come again
But remember
Continuous play may cause extreme nausea and often results can be fatal
-Game Over-
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