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Tech N9ne - Einstein

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[Verse 1]
If you got scratch, nigga, get the fuck up
Throw your hands up if you hella fucked up
Einstein, Tech N9ne, two triple zip
Crack a jaw, whip 'em all if they wanna trip
Ladies with the bar codes, meet me after this
Maybe you can show me the meaning of abyss
Everybody on the wall, momma is a bzzz
Had her at the Budgetel stroking on my dzzz
This ones for the psychos, gang bangers and sluts
Bumbs holding the pipe those college graduate fucks
I feel for no foes, I kill till I close my trap
I'm ill when I flow and you never doze when I rap
Tech Tech, give me women and much alcohol and I'm straight
Eat drink and be merry, yo, come tomorrow might be your fate
Yo, look, look over there
It's that nigga with the hair
TECH and Juan, what a pair
The rest equals MC squares

Who got this motherfucking house on lock?
Einstein, Tech N9ne, dwam
Who keeps it sizzling? Who keeps it hot
Einstein, Tech N9ne, dwam
KC, MO, Roll
KC, MO, Roll

[Verse 2]
Everybody witness, my soul sickness
If you dig Tech when he's twisted, then go get this
Bringing the house down when I rip shit like the plates shifted
Angels come in many shades either drunk or lifted
The Einstein, meaning gifted, too slick to get with
Two years ago, my shit was broke, but now I fixed it with the quickness
You missed it when I used to roll with misfits and Nitwits
But now who I do biz with ain't none of yo business
Blood thirst in the church now, the earth's the worst
Clutch your purse when we lurk cause we cursed from work
Trying to party like a motherfucka, broke as a joke
Don't hire me, but you arrest me when I'm selling my dope
So who's the Einstein in N9ne N9ne, Tech N9ne I'm
Crime mind in my prime rhyme time
I'm mixing one fifty-one with Malibu rum
And pineapple juice among all my angels and wicked ones

We're the party people night and day
Living crazy is the only way
Einstein, get you where I got you when I'm on it
Einstein, rock it like you mother fuckers want it


[Verse 3]
What do we say to haters off top?
Haters got beef, they thinking we got
We gonna get postal if it don't stop
You can get ghost or you can get shot
Generation X gonna party 'til the death
Anybody tripping getting greeted with a stretch
Taking everything and we're leaving nothing left
Demons gotta die have 'em breathing last breaths
I feel that I got will and I'm gonna bill 'til I'm killed
Bell till I bail, if I fail, then I'm gonna steal what I will
Tech is a realist, running with killers, you better vill this
Be the witness to the coldest
When I hold this dick, they break camp when I flow this
Einstein go the ill route
Throw up your hands if you're villed out or if you're real sauced
I told you all I'm cold dog I flows, all heat
I'm representing Rogue Dog, Rogue Dog, 57th street

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2 201 024 tekstów, 21 543 poszukiwanych i 460 oczekujących

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