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Tech N9ne - Earthquake

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[Intro: Don Juan]
You've dropped six feet under six feet
The area where ordinary people can't sleep
Tech N9ne, Don Juan, Midwest Siders, baby
Strange Days got the Tecca Nina goin' crazy

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Hear this I'm back from Necropolis, N9ne hip-hop stylist
Fear this distraught counterfeit rap clowns get rushed out
Q said it's on me so the contract wouldn't con me
Ten times harder and twenty shades darker than Jon B
This round I'm a killer menace, better get down with the militantest
Criminalest, villainest, killas feelin' this guerrilla venom hella realin' it
With the darkness I'mma spark this heartlessness
With a bark of this marvelous soul consumption
With dyslexic malfunctions like
Eugor god rof efil aggin kcuf ruoy werc
Yeht detautafni htiw tihs ew od
Sesuj Tsirhc tog em nillik snomed ot eht tselluf
I keeps my rella, killa

[Hook: Don Juan & Tech N9ne]
All my ladies make it (Shake-shake)
Make it hop it ain't too late to make the (Earthquake)
Papa work it take your relly make 'em (Pounce-pounce)
All my peoples on the planet won't y'all (Bounce-bounce, bounce-bounce)
Show my homies (LOVE) all the players (WHAT)
We just quakin' if you hatin' we don't give a (FUCK)
To all the ladies (LOVE) all my hookers (WHAT)
We just quakin' if you hatin' we don't give a (FUCK, WHAT)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Tech N9ne got to pop it, hold the city down with the lock it
Either flip a flow for the fun, if you poor son, flow for the profit
Love it when you give it to me like, shake it 'til you get your money right
Wild style with the mouth down, growl foul fifty seven bow wow
Something that you never heard's right here, Nina hella clear, never no fear
Love for the flow in I, am I gonna die by the polizei
Love in your club from thugs, ladies give me hugs
And after shows give me fuzz, cause Tech was really buck
Bring the house down with that thang, work a G-string 'til it flame
Nina ross aim for the dame who shakes anus insane
Sex untamed, I been pained so I gangbang, train's game, she claimed
That I got much fame, so I strained 'til I came
Better get up out of my center, if you ain't down with the inner
You lightweight punk soprano singers better never bang with the tenor
I'mma give it to you like a rogue dog would, Tecca Nina make her feel all good
Shake it 'til you break it baby, you can do it make a killa feel all wood


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Welcome to the level of madness where anybody killers are fabulous
People know what I'm stabbin' is ravenous
When I look around I see stallions on platforms
Killers comin' out of their phat farms
Cause it's heated on the third levels
Angels shakin' ass for the devils
It's like gelatin, different types of melanin
Paint the melon, you felon Love is irrelevant
When you hittin' the demon lookin' hella elegant
Hit me off in the back, I can hit you off with a stack
You can give your boss some of that
And you can get me off in the back of the 'lac
Take me away to the place where asses hop to the bass
Victoria's lace in your face embrace any type of a race
This ain't a place for the fake, disgrace will decide your face
Killa Tecca Nina millimeter open up the gate (Hey, wait, wait)
All I wanna see is everybody really lovin' this hit (From the abyss)
Get ready for the slug cause I bust with a full clip (Never ever miss)
Run and get your chicks, better hold on to your dicks
I heard you were looking for darkness, well, this is it
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