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Tech N9ne - Creepin'

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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Areola, that shirt came off, that bra came off and so crazy
What a day, what a motherfuckin' day, I tell you
Baby, I'm home! Hey, baby!
What's that smell? Smell like, like my baby's pussy
What the fuck?! (Oh, shit! Sorry! Shit!)

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko] (2X)
What do you do when you're workin'
Come home, and I'm creepin' out the back door
Pants on the floor and you're lookin'
At her sayin' "What you doin' that for?"

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
This is how it goes when you're hard at work (Hard at work)
I'm with your lady and I'm all up in her skirt (All up in her skirt)
She chose a rapper, cause this rapper know how to tap her
Strap her down and attack her while you sneak in
Watch pornos and jerk (Watch pornos and jerk)
And you can't be mad at me, cause your thick bitch wanna ravage me
Got my big dick in her cavities then it's spit, spit I'm in anatomy
And you can't come badgin' me, cause she sick wanna insert half of me
Straight addicted to the master, he whips the sticks up without batteries
Poetry in motion, I make her water, cause I'm a scholar
I father her twat and bother her I got her
She'll eat anything I want her to eat
She'll swallow anything I want her to swallow
She'll go down and chew on my dog
Doin' anything that'll make me holler
And you the victim don't even know, what's you comin' home to
I'm bangin' it out and she's screamin' like we doin' kung fu
I'm feelin' right, cause you the one she do the wrong to
Now that you know your lady is creepin' - what you gon' do?


[Verse 2: BG Bullet Wound]
But it ain't no need though, cause I'm a G though
I find 'em, then fuck 'em, feed 'em and I let him repo
I understand you're punchin' that clock
But while you're punchin' man, I'm punchin' that twat
Gonna get that overtime, BG Bullet does step over the line
Gotta key to the crib, this pussy's suppose to be the line
This bitch too old to be lying, she done
Told her husband things suppose to be fine
You the bigger man, and I'm her clover leaf now
What about the clothes that he found
Did you tell him you love him, did you tell him you with it
Did you tell him you this love his dick
Everytime that you get it - I don't think so
So I'mma keep things low, keep pullin'
These strings close that pop that El Nino (Yes!)
Cause I'm the best at it, your lady's sex addict
All in the spot when you're not, getting my head patted
But I'mma keep this thing respectable, homie
I'm using condoms in your festival, homie, no need to kill her nigga!


[Verse 3: Paul Mussan]
What would you do if your boo crept on you
With me, new tattoo with the letter "P"
All over her humps like the letter "B"
Trip if you want to, scared nigger
Never me: your girl has been land-marked
That means that I marked her - that means
That I skeeted sperm all over her twat fur
That means that I got her, where you never had her
Sex game critical, now she is a master
You never got your dick licked, mine is getting tongue-kissed
She could suck a orange through a straw - call her Sunkist
Man, she a cold chick, yeah I know you miss that
Bank account access, yeah, you know I did that
Put it where her ribs at, then I let her slip on it
If ya like it then ya should-a put a ring on it
Cause Paul Mussan had that pussy with a sling on it
And I ain't even poppin' E homie, but the question is

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