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Tech N9ne - Access Denied

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Tech N9ne Prozak King Gordy Acess Denied

All of my life I been denied 7th grade attempted suicide
Remained alive isolated trapped in my mind
Confined in prisons by visions of multiple killings
I tried to fit in different cliqs preps jocks starter chicks
So what the fuck I'm tryin to find a place to call my home
9th grade trial by jury only 16 years old
Found not guilty back in '93 victim of society
Hatred and mass murder thoughts inside of me
My mind explodes into a paradox of pain
It's all insane with player haters speakin my name in vein
Underground rap game king 9 millimeter brains
Fling cover your mouth and your thing
From Detroit to KC fuck the industry
Because they hate me you wanna be but you can't be me
Wicked is how I'm depicted arrested but never convicted
Prozak, King Gordy, Tecca Ninna Self Inflicted


(Tech N9ne)
I don't make my music for no mother fucking whites
I don't make my music for no mother fucking blacks
To keep Ninna's product steady runnin off the shelf
I make my music for my mother fucking self
Fuck the industry with dicks stuffed with Hennesy
And 151 with a torch on the tip and then bust on the enemy
Positive imagery you cannot change me
You got that hate I'll take that beat and flip it strangely
The major labels did not know what to do with me
You knew I was crazy if you went to school with me
Created a king kong becaus I sing songs
Got hoes and labels swingin on ding dongs
World wide respected
Devil Boy said we aint kissing no mother fuckin ass to be accepted
That's what I'm talking bout rap is revived
You're trying to get inside Access Denied


(King Gordy)
How many times must you die just to live?
Suicide's on your mind so you kill
Your whole life trying to find something real
Your whole life is confined tight and sealed
Would you lie to me Christ cuz you will?
By his mind put you right where I live
Eternal nights the lights are in hell
Soldiers eyes were all blinded by shells
You are spineless can't fight your own fears
Time is nice you are dying in years
Why am I crucified by my peers?
As a child trying to hide my own tears
But keep my pride despite how I feel
With the knife deep inside it's a thrill
Gordy, Prozak, and Tech N9ne is so ill
You tried to die Access Denied please try again

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2 114 303 tekstów, 19 635 poszukiwanych i 509 oczekujących

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