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Talib Kweli - High Life (Ft. Rubix & Bajah)

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This the part call it the beautiful love
Fit like a glove, was good, my people don’t think it’s good.
You know we should hold it like it’s the brunch submerged
But I just surf.
I’m running the universe
But the stars won’t fit in my balls, is too maggot
Is the food on my label, my plate is full of color.
I root it, I run to Vegas, share the moon with my neighbor,
Between the innovate like they like routine ginger bake it.

Move like the sun scrape, will give you five for the paper
Take you higher on the vapors.
Sign in the flavor, design of the keeper,
Executive executor direct with a new path.
Flight without navigator, now I’m a savior,
Now what would Jesus do? How you believe in Him? You don’t believe in you.
I’m the idea of the animal beat it over genie and the princes’s brought inconcinavle.
These MCs is eatable, way edible,
I’m fishing way dynamite, now I got a freezer full of wrappers.
Back to the ten steps ahead of you,
Incredible, give credible a credit due.
Put passion in the action, mash it on the gas
When the mothers they be maxim
Accelerate, generate, power over pentamen,
Stimulate, you simulate, you do what I incinerate.

Do it for the inner place, musical we innovate
You imitate, your ferry full of holes so you ventilate.
Damn it, never gonna say they low but we’re on stage
Even if they don’t want quote and the haters interbreed.

Feels like shade, you know we’re feeling great,
Not a script that is ripped, this is an original spit.
Some unconventional gift who are we the turbulent
The mothers we heard it, the place, we deserving it.

I love songs, writing the right role,
Continue to fight on, I’m putting the gloves on.
Love hoes, loving this damn track, I’m loving the hand clap.

Loving it when you listen
Love will fix its dead ash for the simpson.
Living for the drums and the slums, some of the best part,
The tour never come when it gets dark.

So I’m on outerspace, they funny like they bout to make
Booking like we’re playing spades, yeah, we always fake to play.
I see to get a thing for last get it to the hate
Suck it free I’m in my space, say I’m hella this yet.
But if I get a soul in, streaking like a smart in,
Sunny in Dolores play parking.
Fly chicks sparkling, then we have to roll to the finish so I steady ol’ hop in.
Hard life everywhere, tony I live with the risk,
Parallel we living it, howling on this business,
Everywhere we deeping this, and we gonna go speaking it,
Oh, it’s how you licky spit.

The great debate of this army that keep forsay
Of the outfit the old man they faking communicating
News junky I’m the one that admit the job creators
The part of the conversation that started the calculations.
The flow is a thing of beauty, I’m bringing it this minute,
Drinking it like a smoothie, spinning it like a soothie.
Rappers at the sect collecting it like a souvenir
Near they’re acting up and directing ‘em like a movie script.
Drama, this an actual adventure,
This whole freaking sword should be against the law.
And we pretending.
And ow, I really need dimension.

This the high life, high life,
High life, high life.
We living the high life, high life,
High life, high life.
Yes, I’m living the high life, high life,
High life, high life.
Cause I’m living the high life, high life.
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