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Taiga (Szwecja) - The Werewolf's Night (took my life)
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Tekst piosenki:

It was a winternight when a blue fullmoon shone bright
Through the snowy wood I rode by safire light
The horse was tired, it steamed from his muzzle
and he snorted a lot.
Longed for the warmth of a stall but determinly
he went on with the trott
Then nightquirs started howling
And my horse fell in a bolt
I fell off and heard terrible growlings
Then there was pain by my throat

The werewolfnight, it took my life
And sew me a dress of cold black emptiness
But the trustfull wife went home to take a bite
Of her husbands flesh as he sat waiting by a game of chess

Oh dear, What a mess

Anger was filling her, and the skind grown full of fur
Fully inflamed, shes set, to further injure
The night was waiting, she couldnt hold back
her hunger no more
It seemed like the step wasnt far from nobility
to the pure predator.

Raging through woods and villages, her manners escalated to even more odius heights
Initiating members to a pack of her own, but soon potential preys decided to take on a fight
A party of hunters was gathered, to track down the shewolf and rid the land of its terror
With horses, hounds, and silly red jackets, they got her in the peep sight of a loaded barrel.

When she woke up,
She was human again
And there was much pain
In her bloody rear and chest

A trophy a cup
The hunters had claimed
Her tails badly maimed
Silverbullet through her breast

Then nightquires started howling
And they came to save their queen
Again there were lots of growling
And on mercy none were keen

They brought penance, on the crimes
Then they forgave and let the hunters join with them
Now writing rhymes, advanced poetrylines
Beneath the moon, if not running around spreading fear and mayhem (somewhere across the land)

But the noblemans wife was never heard of again.
Because she was very dead
A werewolf cant survive with silver in its heart
And hers got properly fed


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