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T-Wayne - Preach Freestyle
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It's Rickey
I don't neck Hollywood, but I've been to Hollywood though

[Verse 1: T-Wayne]
If you ain't getting to the money don't approach me
Man, they about to make me go back to the [?]
I've been it to this ever since 03
Young in the game but they treat me like an 0G
I like to pull up with some shit but you gone tell somebody
She gotta have a nice have and have some body
I'm sippin Hennessy I don't even sip Bacardi
Go tell the promoter at 10 for the after-party
And I ain't even being cocky I'm just being real
I'm runnin up the sac my money is on a treadmill
I had to keep it moving i couldn't stay still
All these other rappers going to the circus, no Ferris wheel
I've been focus on my grind tryna get it together
And they've been ever tryna stop me, but it's what ever
Do what i got to do so i can get the cheddar
Like my bread and some chips and some mozzarella
These rappers faint like Miss Cleo
My wallet bigger than the head on that nigga Ne-Yo
I'm the type to pull up in the club with a tuxedo
I like my girls more curves then my bags of Fritos
Listen to me I'm have to preach like [?]
I'm swimmin in your chick like a dolphin
I'm ballin' on these hoes like I'm golfin
I only speak money so my wallet do the talkin
If you came where I'm from, I'm from the bottom
I don't feel sorry about your problems cause we all got em
Now everybody tryna figure out how i got profit
But only got nose and they can't figure how to stop em
That's Rickey

Abilene how it do
H Town what's the deal
Karen-ton what up
D Town what's up
You know I'm sayin
DP I see you fool
AC I see you fool
You know, it is
Yo Ali, what it do
ACT what's the guild, baby


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1 716 028 tekstów, 18 092 poszukiwanych i 466 oczekujących

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