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T.I. - U Don't Know Me

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I'mma tell ya'll sucka niggas something
Who wants to follow me?
Look here dawg

You might see me in the street
But nigga you don't know me
When ya holla on the speak
Remember you don't know me
Save all the hating and the popping
nigga you don't know me
Quit telling niggas you're my partner
Nigga you don't know me
Don't be a groupie, keep it moving
Nigga you don't know me
Hey I ain't tripping but the truth is
Really you don't know me
Ya you know they call me T.I.
But you don't know me
You be hating and I see why
'Cause you don't know me

I think it's time I made a song for niggas who don't know me
I graduated out the streets, I'mma real OG
I been trapping shooting pistols since I stood four feet
So while you nigga's acting bad, you're gonna have to show me
You're gonna make me bring a Chevy to a real slow creep
My nigga's hanging out the window, mouth full of gold teeth
When the gun's start popping, wonder when it's gonna cease
Cap'll hit you on the side and create a slow leak
We've been in the speculation 'cause today we're gonna see
What's the future of a pussy nigga hating on me
I give a fuck about the feds investigation on me
I don't care they're at my shows and they're waiting on me
I'mma keep a flossy popping long as to is on the beat
Tell police that I ain't stopping I'mma keep it in the streets
Contrary to your believes, I'm as real as you can be
Fuck your thoughts and your feelings, nigga you don't know me.

Hey once again let me remind you nigga you don't know me
So don't be walking up and asking "what's the deal on a Ki."
I don't know if you're wearing wires, you could be the police
If I was slanging blow you couldn't get an OZ
See me at the PSC follow through and the show deep
Police holding up the door, 'cause they know we toat heat
I just wanna wrap a C, blow a dro in a flee
Only playing 'bout a dozen different bitches in a week
I just wanna chill with country and his daddy Freddy G
Balling out everytime, every stone is but a G
Wanna ball in the Bahamas courtesy of KT
Fact I only gotta Mill. as well as a dollar DP
Ak house on the hill right next to JG
Every week be there for lunch, busta blunt and eat free
Get in day paid Lil Craig dead meat
That's the only shot we got at getting cap back on the streets

You see a nigga hating on a G
Ask 'em what's it gonna be
What are you looking at pussy nigga you don't know me?
At the club, in the streets
Or whereever we should meet
It's choppa chopping pistols popping nigga you don't know me [2x]

Grand Hustlin' Pimp
Urban Legends Coming Soon
The wait is over hommie
PSC Pimping

You don't know me dawg...
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