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T-Bone - Can I live
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Can I live

Why can’t yall leave me alone
Man seem like everybody be judging me
Talking behind my back, faking the smiles then hugging me
Pointing fingers hating jealous of my success praying for my downfall
Can’t handle me being blessed, naw
You’d rather see me at the bottom of the totem poll
Scraping for dollars, on the edge bout to lose control
Back on the corner still living in tha projects
Still struggling down and out wit no prophets
Still driving through the hood in a bucket
I’m bout bringing my people over like I’m Harriet Tubman
Been through the fire like Kanye West
Beat the odds now I’m on shuffles and ipods
See most of yall could never reach stature
Cuz half of you gangsta rappers is gangsta actors
And backstabbers yall got the game backwards
But Bone and Darkchild make hits like linebackers

Can I live
If you wanna be in my shoes then get in
You can talk the talk
But ain’t lived the life I live
So can I live, that’s the question, can I…(2x)

I shed blood sweat and tears
Been on this grind for years
I’m at the top of the charts, no respect from peers
I could be the franchise still I’m chastised, spreading ya lies
Need to recognize there’s two sides, my whole life been the underdog
Against the odds back still against the wall
Fighting to represent in the ring for God
Consciously making records for a different cause
This crab game keep pulling me down, but like Ron Artest been known to rebound
And like Roy Jones I’m pound for pound spitting a different kind of message over platinum sounds
Can I, get some love and a little respect
Can I, rock ya world without giving ya sex
Can I, live in peace man I paid my dues
You’ll never know where I been until ya walked in my shoes

I’m in it for the long hall
Committed to the end like John Paul
I’m trying to make a change, throw stones if I’m wrong
If you can do it better, then by all means, shoot for the stars
But stop crushing all of my life’s dreams, and let me fulfill my destiny and purpose
Quit trying to make me feel no good and worthless
This life is all a playa got to give, so back up and give me room to breath can I live


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1 715 050 tekstów, 18 093 poszukiwanych i 745 oczekujących

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