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Sway - Hype boys

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Hype Boys, Hype Boys
Everyone's a killer, drug dealer with a nine milli-a
That's not sensible, and I can sense the bull
That's why these rappers couldn't see me comin'
If they were vaginas, with spectacles
And I've got the testicles to testify the truth
Half these rappers are only gangsters in the boothAnd they ain't never been to no Pen
They just hold one
Me, I be no gangster, I'm just telling you the truth
But I run up in the game like
"Bang bang bang bang"
That's why, that's why everybody keeps saying
Have you heard Sway? He's
"Nang nang nang nang"
That guy that guy's heavy in the game
And I've said: why buy this "Fe-Fi-Fo"?
But them guys could never defeat my flow
Sway, all the way from the U to the K
Roll up with Bacardi in the tee-total
Getting over the cds I've sold in it
I don’t want them to know that's the gold innit?
That's the goal innit?
Half the haters they ain't doing nothing with a mic but holdin' it
They slow, with it
So they could never bring the game into the new school
I play too brutal
Plus I’m out of control like a cross-eyed teacher’s pupil
People down in England ain't all wild
But some places in Britain ain't the place to raise your child
Cause even the royal family ain't all smiles
Cause everybody knows, Harry don't look like Charles
See me, I've never been to court and I've never been on trial, boy
Never been caught even though I've been around, boy
What’s that thing in your hand? Put it down boy
Cause you're not a killer, you’re a sound boy

[Hook x2]
Hype boys, hype boys
(Everyone's a bad man now)
On the mic boys, mic boys
(And everyone's a bad man now)
And the semi goes
Bratatatatatatatata (Yeah right)
And the semi goes
Ratata, bench, bench

[Verse 2]
The pound is stronger than the dollar, holla
Sway, I ran up in this game
Like a robber without a rubber
And now I been around and I'm pro
Won a couple of awards now round of applause
And now I'm making Ps and I'm pleasing my people
Not even a Jamiroquai hat could fit my ego
‘Nuff of these rappers ain’t real, they’re just rapping hype
Why you shouting all the time, don't you have a mic?
Run up in the club like, be-ow, be-ow
Bust two lyrics then, we out, we out
Them boys talk too lee-oud, lee-oud
But they puss like, meow, meow
And they don't really want no war -time
This rap game is all mineIt will never be your time
Allow it bruv, 'cos you're small time
And I got more time, so settle down boy
Before I make you look like something like a clown boy
What's that thing in your hand? Put it down boy
Cause you're not a killa, you're a sound boy


[Verse 3]
Are you a liar? If your reply is no, you're lying now
Because we living a lie
And then we die
And then we're lying down
Look at my Adam's apple
It's not that my neck hurts, no, no
It's just the truth is hard to swallow
And you can see that I'm an expert
So let, let me elaborate
As I navigate, like a husky
But trust me, the truth is, I wouldn't even trust me
Many rely in religion, that doesn't make sense
Cause that's considered a sinIt is really no winning
Cause every one harbors a liar within them
It's just that we're different
Being a bad liar is like having a bad lawyer
As soon as they get caught they get the sentence uffed up
A good liar's benevolent, with a memory like an elephant
Intelligent, and knows exactly when to shhhhh
Lies spread around like viruses
So how can I survive in this?
Cause even the truth lies (where?)
In people's irises
So how can I resist?
I had to lie to write this verse
Got my talent for twisting words
Hence my title, I'm a "lie"ricist
When you work the people don't want to leave alone
Cause you gotta make money you don't need the loan
I'm a businessman underneath the foam
But you lie to the people and lead them on
You're not a bad boy, no, I got a bad boy flow
Cos when in Rome you do what the Romans do
Especially when all roads lead to Rome
You need to stop pretending
Your mixtapes are still in boxes
Cause you don't have a fan in your bedroom
What's that thing, in your hand? Put it down boy
Cause you're not a killa, you're a sound boy


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