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Street Dogs - Declaration

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Woke up this morning, wondered what planet I was on
On the cover of a Rolling Stone was another dumb young blonde
While the icons of our day all slowly fade away
Paving way for a new crop of garbage clones with nothing new to say

And if you want to shout about the madness of these days
Throw your fists into the air, turn off your tv and sing this song with me

This is our generation's call to make a stand - a declaration
Come together, rise up all young women and young men - our generation

Nothing new on the evening news, more fear and anxiety
Another war, another sick, sick sign of our corrupt society
How many soldiers march and die under the blanket of democracy
While the rich mans sons conveniently go to Ivy League University

You can't just stand by friend and do nothing cause
Your chance to act has come, rise up and make the difference
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Savin Hill

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2 037 318 tekstów, 18 413 poszukiwanych i 481 oczekujących

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