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Stormhaven - Exodus Part 3: The Celestial Eye

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Staring into heaven's eye Enlightened by its aura
It contains all the images Of the universe

We touch ground in this virgin land and gaze at the horizon
The sun sheds light over flower heads Illuminating pearl

The eye of inner sight Weeps for the blind transcends my mind

She said the red sky reveals Constellations in cosmic alignment
We are at a vantage point The heart of the mandala

Take this time to meditate Open your spirit to change
A rare surrounding state of grace Fills my cup, under the watchful

Eye of inner sight Weeps for the blind transcends my mind

We are in the hand Of the great Architect
He designs and builds wonders Pyramids and labyrinths

Walls are caving in Mapped by his grand design

From inside these walls The view is narrow and confused
From higher above One discovers supreme order

This imprisonment will be my freedom This haze will become clarity

We become one Divine wisdom
The smallest dot The deepest thought

A seed As the starting point
The source Of all

The center Of creation
New life Hidden purity

Lost in a crater of silence In a sea of tranquility
Rolling on the shores of entropy And, beyond, the intelligence of the stars

A chill Emanating from my
Shadow The side unseen
Numb Paralyzed soul
Desolation mirrored

Celestial Intoxication
Vaporous Fantasies
The circle Without blemish
Draws me from reality

Lord of ecstasy Reigns over ethereal inspiration
Guards the ancient secrets Of death and regeneration

Spiral moving energies vitalize The quintessence of my devoted soul
I burst out of the egg in a primal scene Reborn and spirit renewed

I sit at the olden table Between gods and kings
In the crystalline temple I feast on the finest foods

I breathe now like I've never done before
Inhaling knowledge, my brain is an open door
Metamorphosis complete by total immersion
I've come back from heaven where ancestral heroes dwell

My spirit's released By the shadow of the black river
Incorruptible state of mind Moving towards wholeness

Critical transition As I wear the transformation mask
Continuity in rebirth The goal is the art


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1 737 127 tekstów, 18 251 poszukiwanych i 783 oczekujących

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