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Stormhaven - Exodus Part 1: The Emerging Ghost
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The rain fell suddenly, and the mist rose from the water's sleep
Lost in the woods I seek, a place of rest and harmony
A voice pierced through the sound, of the rain drops covering the ground
A soaring figure appeared and caught my eye by it's beauty

Step after step the voice became melody
Enveloping my mind thoughts lose their clarity

Ah...I've seen this all before in a dream a long time ago
Do my memories poison what I see? Or have I finally met my destiny?

Come to me she said as her hand reached out
Frightened and confused I gather my strength and move on

Down the rabbit hole I've fallen I am trapped in a maze
Suspended time In Limbo Overwhelming conscious haze
Facing eternity

You are the one that I've been calling
Listen and see where we are going

You and I will rise above and see, what lies beyond the crystal gate
You and I will leave this place behind, embracing the path to the other side

Why did you choose me while millions populate the earth?
I'm but a simple man searching for peace in this land
Unknown is my path I've never found my place of rest
Guided by instinct I follow no one and find my own way

Tell me why I should follow you, trust in you
Give me a reason to let go, I need to know
I've been watching for some time in the shade
From now your life will never be the same again

Moon light filled the misty air
Heartbeats echoed as thunder
Cold sweat sliding down my face
We are gone without a trace

Soaring ever higher, we breached the sky
Into the abyss of eternal night
A light emerged from the breath-taking darkness
A beacon of hope in a colorless sea

The sparkle turned flame and within it resides
Another dimension that defies our time
The vast gates opened as stone torn apart
By the restless crushing of a waterfall

I can't hide from this light
As it shines So divine

We spanned with haste the doors
That brought us to our fate
Time seemed to slip away falling in the deep
Unknown, a tunnel that may lead us nowhere

I'm scared
Sucked into the flow of a cosmic wormhole
I finally let go, losing all control

Farewell I said as I thought my time
Had come to an end but my journey had just begun


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