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Stormhaven - Eclipse

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Born from inside the core, an emblem
Of warmth breaths into my dreams
A shadow
The realm made of liquid light still hides
Behind the demon of the sky

Cold night, waiting for a sign
Revealed under the moonlight
Frost bite slowly entering
My skin peals as I give in

I am an ancient prophet
I see the cosmic mysteries
They called for me when darkness struck at the midst of the day
The bitter fools, they could not see how they lost their way

Asking why all seemed to fade
They fall to their knees and ask for grace

I seize the opportunity
To lift this curse and by all be seen

Knowing how the stars were made by the one all call wise
My hands reach up to the sky and tremble as mountains fall

As the last beam of light failed to touch the ground
The ancient one spoke in a frightening roar

Defying the skies, defying mankind
His tongue as a lightning bolt
The absence of light, a sign of his will
Hidden death within his eyes
The Master of Time

He spoke to me in simple words as one wise
Come and walk with me until your eyes
Begin to see with clarity the secrets
Of Life turned to tragedy
A lament

The Master’s eyes reach inside and pull me under

I now begin to see
All that I had is lost
Find a reason for the pain
Rise beyond your broken heart

I’m falling down
Time’s running out
My mind’s caving in, gone with total darkness


Dropped in sea of solitude
A desert meadow
I cannot see locked down below
I dove into the unknown

My dying soul echoes beyond this frozen shadow
Drawn to the sound of a voice I heard before
I know where this road goes
A field of sorrow that I've made my own

The earth has swallowed all trace of light
The sky is fading
Beyond this reflective eye
The stars awake

I'm one with the ghost of mirrored failure
A bleak persistence
Deceptive reality shapes this tainted scene
Still life paves this horrific dream

Guide me across the flowing river of transmigration
With the lotus my soul will find the way
Acquaint me with eternity
Invisible realms of intimacy

The earth has swallowed all trace of light
The sky is fading
Beyond this reflective eye
The stars awake

Only seconds of total night
The winds are changing
Promised birth where shadows died
I will drink from the fountain

Drink and embrace this state of ecstasy
A spiral of peace expands your understanding
I'm dwelling in its eye, where energies unite
Preserved from the storm of unbalanced duality


To the call

I've heard the sacred call
And from a lifetime of sleep, I've awaken
I've ascended the coiled hall
Into celestial chambers made of ice and stone

I will rise and not be the same
For I am found within the wheel of perpetual change
The eclipse has revealed my inner shades
Will this lifted shadow free my shackled brain?


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