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Snow Tha Product - Cash Rules

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[Hook: x2]
I guess the cash rules everything around me
I need to change my ways
I've been trying but I need to change my ways

[Verse 1: Snow Tha Product]
Half of the time, I don't know where I'm at, I'll be tripping and shit
I'm not famous or unknown but this can get to you quick
I'll sip on a little alcohol and I'll be dabbling on some drugs
I'm not telling you what to do, but if you haven't then trust
Don't do it, shit'll get you fucked up
Or have you feeling numb once and you be falling in love
Aww man, you mean I don't gotta feel no more?
You mean I can live in my head, dreams won't get killed no more?
I can erase whatever happened and I don't gotta deal no more?
I mean you can, but then you're back and shit ain't real no more
You gotta backtrack and shit, go back to where you left it all
Thought you left it all, but nope, this shit will get you lost
Now you're right back but more depressed than when you left
You gotta 'fess to the bullshit feelings of emptiness
And now you're tripping, everyone thinking that you're okay
But now you're slipping, late nights you laying in your bed
And you start thinking, how the fuck am I gonna matter?
I wanna change but I need change, so I'm making my pockets fatter
Cause the cash rules everything aroound


[Verse 2: Snow Tha Product]
What are we even here for?
My generation is lame, so you start like
Dear Lord, please help me to get some change
I need some cash, I need it fast, I need a job that I like
Imma need someone on my bed that'll make me feel it's alright
These negative thoughts in my head that be making me think twice
About everything I'm doing when I'm just trying to do right
Going up like elevators, cause Andre used to talk to me
But he's been gone lately, so I be looking for him constantly
I need some Lauryn, Pun, Pac, and some Eminem
I need some artists that I can listen to like way back when
I need a lot, fuck, I need peace of mind
And you only get that with accounts with a couple G's aside
For this empathy inside, cause I know we all need
Artists need to humanize, cause I know we all bleed
And I know I can't cop half the shit that rappers nowadays get
But I kinda be thinking that Imma need to help this generation

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2 184 061 tekstów, 20 424 poszukiwanych i 472 oczekujących

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