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Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain

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I said there's nothing great about the place we live in
Nothing great about Britain (Nothing great about Britain)
Sip a cup of tea whilst we're spittin'
There's nothing great about Britain

[Verse 1]
Bottle of Bucky in Buckingham Palace
There's coppers from Scotland all the way down to Dagenham
Waving a black cab, munchin' a Fab
Had to skip the flats, I ain't chasin' the dragon
You look like death warmed up
She ain't a spice, just a korma
I ain't Dizzee, I'm just a boy in a corner
Call me "King Whitey", puking up off a corner
All I tasted is korma, ASBO restraining order
I put manners on a punk, 'cause I haven't had my skunk
Miss Teddy, I ain't 10, I'll squeeze your neck until you pop
I was waiting on my friends outside the local shops
See the feathers turning red, white beauty, oh, the swan
Walking 'cross the Thames
Firing slingshots 'cause its nee-nor, nee-nor
Then we're in cuffs, POME
I'm a product, yeah, they made me
I wear chains like my granddad did in slavery
You're 'bout as black as Ainsley, that's bounty
Appropriate the culture before they take heed
Change we, mold, shape and break, please
'Cause these industries are tryna castrate we

Pick it up, put it down, bend it
It breaks and you can't fix it without me
(Nothing great about Britain)
Fucking pussyholes

[Verse 2]
I'm a geezer
Bodge job the builder, ain't none better
So-called gangster, I'll put trees in your cellar
Ayia Napa poppin' bottles, what's up, fella?
You play the decoy, I'll take food from the cellar
Top lad, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, girl, what's your ploy?
That man's your boy, I'll slap man, way too coy
Three lions, Real McCoy, you're EDL, real English boys
St. George's flag, Doc Marten, boy
Call her slag, but don't mean it, boy
Don't ask, don't get
How'd you get nice things
Life moves fast, roundabouts and swings
Swings and roundabouts, you're 'round my kid
Grass ain't always greener where the other side lives
Nothing great about Britain
Tea and biscuits
Mash jellied eels and a couple lil' trinkets
Eastend, you Phil Mitchell
Get stabbed with the Phillips
Hand on my heart, I swear I'm proud to be British

(Kate Middleton)
Kate Middleton now (I'd wifey her, I would)
I wouldn't lie, you're an English rose, I wouldn't lie to you
I'd tell you how it is, I will treat you with the utmost respect
Only if you respect me a little bit, Elizabeth, you cunt


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Nothing Great About Britain

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