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Slim Thug - Like A Boss
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Tekst piosenki:

Fuck that nigga Slim! You the motherfucking boss!

I call shots - like a boss
Stack knots - like a boss
Cop drops - like a boss
On top - like a boss
Paid Tha Cost - like Tha Bo$$
When I floss - like a boss
Big house - like a boss
Rep the North - like a boss
Who the boss nigga? Who the motherfucking boss?
Who the boss nigga? Who the motherfucking boss?
Who the boss nigga? Who the motherfucking boss?
Who the boss nigga? You see the motherfucking boss!

I'm Slim Thugger motherfucker! Tha Boss of all bosses
That's right! AKA - he who the King of the North is!
Wars won, no losses; who wanna compete?
With the chief of the police, who got the keys to the streets
I'm a full time hustler, part-time rhymer
I'm having thangs Pha-real [Pharrell] You punks ain't no Grinders
You fools just went to school and learned to use Pro Tools?
And tried to cop you a G, lose, on the ten o'clock news
You can't survive in my shoes or afford to pay my dues
Wit your cartoon crews, you niggaz destined to lose!
I rock Eminem and 50 Cent crowds
And spend most of my weekends cruising above clouds
From the West to the Southway to the East Coast
I switch time zones more than ho's switch clothes
I was born to be on top (top), born to call shots (shots)
Born to cop drops and trick off fats knots, like a boss!


Call me Sarge, I'm the head nigga in charge
You see the B on the 'Nage parked in the garage?
I'm the coach, I wrote them plays for my team
Hah! I'm the mastermind behind these teams wit green
I call all the shots, provide all the knots
Supply all the rocks and sponsor all the spots
I stay on the top floor, got the executive suite
Sit in the corner chair where me and my niggaz meet
Sport the Presendential Rolly, got a driver that drive
I don't open doors no more, he do it from outside
At the club, they lock off V.I.P. for me
And send bottle after bottle to my section for free
Hah! You see this rock hanging on my pinkie ring?
I'm respected in these streets, they treat me like a King
I get accepted like family, your house is my house
I guess that's why they call me - Slim Thug Tha Boss!

[Chorus - repeat2x]

Fuck that! Y'all niggaz talking shit?!
Y'all come to the Northside
And see who the motherfucking boss is.. Slim Thug!!!


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