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Skepta - Ghost Ride (ft. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast)

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[A$AP Rocky]
I never gave a fuck
I'm on a paper chase, I tell 'em
Eat my dust, hate my guts
Eat my dust, hate my guts
Lick my nuts, kiss my butt
Lick my--I'm just tryna get a nut
Never.. never, never, never, never
I'm smoking the reefer, I roll with the nina
I run from the reaper and copp-ers
Twisting my finger, I fuck on a diva
I bought her a ticket in Bahamas
Comma, llama, they not equip for the drama
Got weed on my fingers, got me on my speakers
Got lean on the seat of the Lam' bruh
Chopper, chopper, pull up around with a Mossberg
When the reaper come, redrum, I'll murder something
Enemies on my mind, enemies in the past when I blast
My TEC-9, it go pat pat pat pat, rat a tat tat tat
Too fast, niggas know how I get
And this revenge up in my eyes, I'm committing my sin, amen

Lord forgive me for the shit I did, was just a little kid
But you know I never gave a fuck about shit, bout shit
Since I came up and I'm on my old shit, old shit
And they ain't about shit, bout shit, bout shit
Since I came up and I'm on my old shit, old shit
And they ain't about shit, bout shit
Niggas ain't about shit, bout shit


Told the plug it's for me, he came down on the price
Live a bit in these streets, I teach you how to survive
You disrespect me, you playing around with your life
I see you follow fashion, tryna get down with the hype
Like Freddy Kreuger, man I get down with the stripes
It's VVS, man there ain't no clouds in my ice
She said what's my real name and I don't know how to reply
On a different planet, man I'm out of my mind
I was on the grind for many years and you were never there
Who the fuck's putting all this stuffing in these teddy bears?
And fuck my enemies, man I make the devil scared
Man I got six chains, and I wear them anywhere
Everyday I'm shitting and I'm pissing on this hypocrisy
It's that uncontrollable demon they didn't wanna see
This that virus in the system, the prodigy
And I have to murder all you fakers in this odyssey, greaze!

[A$AP Nast]
Life is like a movie, life is like a movie
Live it like a movie, live it like a movie
Swear these haters, they don't move me
Yeah, aye, life is like a movie, Steven Spielberg
Riding through your city with the Mossberg
I just parked a Benz right up on the curb
Pull up on a bird, ask her what's the word
Said they on the corner, they ain't got your work
Yeah, yeah them niggas got the nerve
I'mma pull up, swerve, skrr, yeah I swerve
Hammer time, hammer time
If it's beef, pussy, yeah I handle mine
Yeah, that's from A$AP nigga, then I pulled the trigger
Niggas think they're big, til a bullet hit
Niggas up the shit, yeah, rappers full of shit, yeah
Hope they get the picture, I don't give a fuck about shit
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