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Sik World - That's Depression

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Can't live up to these expectations
Lights flickering inside of the basement
Cuz I got it right
Cuz it isn't right that my fans stayed here
They've been patiently waiting
For me to drop that one hit
But I can't write shit
Writer block sucks cock
I can now put it all together
Even if I tried because my life consists of liars
Fucking me over is a job
Fuck rap
Imma take this mic and put it in my chevy trunk
And swerve off of the bridge
That where my trains
Bang bang bang
Like a double barrel loaded gun
I'm not giving a fuck
Imma swerve off
3D vision vodka coke in the blum
It's the one night cuz I gotta fight
To survive
Cuz it might cost me
My whole motherfucking life
Coke in the pick up
And suddenly I collapse
Head on the steering wheel fall
Keeping my foot on the gas
Swerve swerve
Till I fucking crash
And you could've motherfucking saved me
If you would have moved in advance

I'm not aware of my surroundings
Nobody has found me
The skies are always cloudy
Yeah that's depression
Yeah that's depression

Stumbling drunk on the boulevard
Fresh outta the midnight bar
Ever wonder why your life's so hard
People seem to hate you for who you are
People don't accept me they reject me
There's a hole in my heart
That's so fucking empty
Nothing can fill it
Isn't it funny how family are blinded to the fact
That what you're living isn't healthy
You drunk
You high
Tryna cover the pain that's inside
Your bestfriend becomes your enemy
And the person that you trust is telling a lie
Have you ever wanna speak your mind
Have you ever got so heated that you cried
Have you ever punched a hole in the wall and you scream to yourself that 'I wish I could die'
Have you got to the point where you had enough
And you just can't ever stand it
And you grab shit
And you throw it to the wall
Then you hyperventilate
And you just start to panic
Your hearts racing
You're back and forth and you're pacing
You just can't ever motherfucking take it
And this is the life that you've been given
And you hate it
But you just cannot erase it



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1 872 675 tekstów, 17 527 poszukiwanych i 502 oczekujących

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