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Sik World - Somebody Like You

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I come from a broken heart,
Don't you even get me start-ed
With my ex's who made they prime
Objective to neglect me,
Disrespect me, and inject me,
With lies, while with me,
Talk to guys, catch em on it, look at me
Like I'm crazy,

Oh baby, its cool, oh baby its cool

The pain gone since I met somebody like you
Ms perfect thang, ms perfect can I say,
I be there anytime of the day,
Hold you while you awake,
The reason you get a smile on your face,
Lets pray, I gotta thank god I got somebody
Like you you were just my wish,
Now you are my dream come true,
I guess dreams really true,
No matter what they say about you,
You'll always be mine, and your somebody
I can not loose when I kiss you I get the goose bumbs,
Listen hun, you my number 1,
I'll take a bullet for ya, in fact I
Will take the whole gun, I'm not
Only in love, I know I'm sprung,
Chase you till my lungs, give out,
There's no doubt,
You are the sun when there's clouds

Uh huh,

I come from a world of false truth, mistakes,
Fakes, heartbreaks, time wast-ed
Ill never get it back, but that's the past,
You my future, in the end I win,
Because I'm dating the girl who
Made me aka my best friend,
AlwaysNForever aka when times end,

Uh huh,

Now I know I ain't perfect,
I know I hurt chu, honest to god I was confused
But the fact that you did not move,
Gives me more then a reason that
I literally should live for you

I'ma make that up, & I'll give you more,
Our lives we got in stored, will always be true
Threw all of my words,
& everything I do,
& to be honest I never thought
I'd be with someone like you

I can't believe -
I got somebody like you [x2]
Somebody like you
Somebody like you
Somebody like you
Somebody like you
Somebody like you
Somebody like you


Like you
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2 013 795 tekstów, 18 309 poszukiwanych i 552 oczekujących

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