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Shrine of Malice - Lord of Flies

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The perpetual fire shimmers before all that lives and dies

Legions of fallen angels gather unparalleled, stalking in the dusk of light

As death strikes into those who defend ignorance and deceit

Bestowed is the fate of hypocrisy;

Crushed underneath me

A cry in the dark before perishing to the mark of blackened beasts, salivating as they claw and rape

The lord of flies exhaling pestilence with every breath

Transient passageways open releasing Hell’s wake - a realm sentenced to the fires of hate

Now tear at the wings of our enemies and cast them down into the flames

Die for the sins you create

The ouroboros encompassing

A kingdom fallen to the darkness forged within

All servants and angels are torn to shreds

With beast-like carnage terror fills their hearts

Bow to your fucking king

Slaughter those in our way

Leave no saint unscathed

Their numbers dwindling

Cast into the flames

[Tom Barber]:

And now you see now I’m far from myth

And now you feel the fear - I am the obelisk

Forged from the fire - the hatred of man

All enveloped in the shadow I bring death to this land

Breathe deep for only ashes will cleanse your lungs

Mouths wide open - bring forth razors to the tongue

Acid winds will pull the flesh from the bone

(I claw at the eyes of the sun, blackening out the reign of man. Releasing my ancient hate upon this realm. Burdened by waste and pain, I am baptized in the blood of mortality.)

As above / so below

The final hour approaches with the dying of the light

As within / so without

Humanity becomes enslaved - bound to an ancient hate

Collapsing from the loss of blood,

The voices of hatred howl in forsaken tongues

Destined as the oracles of annihilation

Damned to remain helpless, consumed are the worthless

Into the palace,

The pelts of innocent souls are flayed

Striped and maimed, unworthy of peace as the eyes are hollowed and ate

There will be no bargains - there will be only darkness as the Great devourer consumes the will of your fucking souls

A righteous genocide

Bring me the coward alive

Given the death of life,

Bring me the father of Christ

Enslaved for an eternity, shrouded by the fray of war

Peer within my soulless eyes

Droned by flies, exonerated to a veil of voiceless prison

Into the depths of Sheol, never to return

Sentenced to a grave of undying misery

Held above all is the head of God

Use your eyes and see, servants of the sky, that not all that you believe is what truly appears to be

Decapitated for the masses to see,

Bow in obedience to your true king

I, Beelzebub, cast your lifeless corpse into the void whilst I hold my trophy above mankind

Decapitated for the masses to see,

I am the one who stands above you as you mourn your fallen king

I, Lord of Flies, bestow my reign above the Earth and in the Skies


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