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Sechem - The Doomed Prince
Odsłon: 43
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Tekst piosenki:

Long time ago
There was a king
He wished for a son
So he begged the gods

Seven ladies appear at birth
Foretelling the fate of the boy
“He’ll grow up strong but will be killed
by crocodile, snake or a dog”

I’m committed to fate
You just can’t escape death
Overcoming the dusk
I will act with hope in my heart

As the road gets harder
And light begins to fade
I won’t forget my horizon
I’ll defeat my dreads

He grew in a palace
Away from mankind
His father was scared
But son was prepared

Embracing his destiny, he found a new friend
which could be a fatal colleague
Asking permission, he looks for his mission
To travel and learn far away

He heard about a chief’s daughter
Confined in an unreachable tower
She would be given in marriage
To the one who could surpass this barrier

They thought his chances were now over
Disguised as a fugitive with an evil mother
He climbed to her window
Marrying the princess, chief felt soured

Our prince stayed together
with his faithful pet
His wife will strike down
a snake under his bed

Two fortunes eluded but one’s not concluded
It’s hidden inside of the lake
He’s getting closer to reptile’s exposure
Will we hear about him again?


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