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Searows - Dragon



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[Verse 1]
A dress to be buried in
Take the rest from me
What could I still need?
What is rest to me?
I'll take the city train
To where it used to be
Shelter from the bleed
Of the old dragon tree

And when the autumn comes
And it starts mending what you took it from
You don't know the ending
It's impossible, love
But you keep on trying anyways
Till the feeling fades
The feeling fades
The feeling fades

[Verse 2]
Matches to light the flame
I'll help you burn it down
Even take the blame
We're really in it now
And well plan a new escape
Run until we can't
Story for the ages
Hand in unsinkable hand

And when the autumn comes with all its endings
Just the bitter ones
So I keep on pretending its impossible, love
To keep you from trying anyways
Would you believe its fate

And everything's different
Let me take it from here
It all starts with a lesson
But you don't hear it make any difference
The mission's never been more clear
We're not all dying here


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2 483 997 tekstów, 31 567 poszukiwanych i 566 oczekujących

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