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Samsara Blues Experiment - Shringara

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Hey come my lady won´t you move a little closer to me
so clear I see there is no reason to hide
I had my share on all the lament while I knew you held the key to delight
but then got caught up in this worn-out situation
somehow related to what I once had denied
when still the only aim I´d reach for is to define myself in your eyes

I came as far as there is no need to pretend
that someone else out there would ever rescue me
I´ve drawn my circles out in the sunshine and the rain and then I stopped to compromise
These days I find it all so useless just to wait
maybe I am not much different from you there
Tied unto the hands of fate we got to let life flow until we´ll meet again

Seems I´ve been gambling with destiny
when I always went against the tides
Saw it was all on myself, had to adjust to it
got to get along to this old rhythm of life
Even if I still don´t know who I really am
I won´t forget what I need
So hard I´ve tried to rearrange with life´s odd ways
but it seems that I can´t, don´t tell me that I´ve failed - oh!

Trying to master a beast that can´t be tamed
while all the voices of reason dim the light
Seems I´m drifting on a flood of bare commotion
fed on each tear I once cried
The more it feels like being trapped within a cage
the more I bleed, I need to lay by your side
When all our senses resonate in sweet devotion
we´ll cross all boundaries of time

I don´t want to feel no more pain
I just have to see you again
I can´t close my eyes yet
but I need to rest

I don´t want to feel no more pain
guess I have to see you all the way
I can´t close my eyes yet
and I can´t find no rest
until these grey clouds are falling down
and all those tired walls are cracking up
while they all wear your name
yeah they all wear your name


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1 946 533 tekstów, 17 894 poszukiwanych i 277 oczekujących

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