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Saba - Tell You

Tell You

Tell You

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[Intro 1]
You don’t know when to stop fighting
Hey, you already won
Shouldn't you be celebrating?
Naw, you’re still going home

[Verse 1]
Diamonds are forever yet even a rock broke up
You waited to discover, lift up this rock I’m under
Pressure from the people to be on some popular
Magazines, the faster things leave quickly as they came
Leave as quickly as they came
I’m grown up, what a change
What a shame that it couldn’t last
That venue booking sad, don’t give a shit about me
They booked my best friend, now he at county
She dumped her boyfriend and then she found me
I said I wouldn’t put that in a rap a lot
I say a lot, I figured it’d be aight

But I been meaning to tell you
That I been feeling low
And I just wanna smile
Cause what a better way to go
Woah, better way to go, woah

[Intro 2]
You don’t know when to stop fighting
You already won
Baby you should be celebrating
Yet you’re still going on

[Verse 2]
And we can be forever as long as the sky is lit
And even in the dark we ultraviolet
The finer things in life, we’re trying to find them
That pot of gold, we dying to find it
I’m from the Go, we dying to die
Shit, it’s like being a teen is more of a curse than the word shit
Might say some things I can’t even find in my cranium
Boston grad, but only yield to the Grammys, ah
College scholarship from anonymous
Getting 15 credits then I dropped some shit
I dropped my songs more than dropping homework
Made some new friends, no longer a loner


[Verse 3]
I need a lawn and a balcony
Forbes watching my salary
And a chick with a bit of aphrodisiality
The grass is green, garden of eden speaking
Guardians guard me from the evils
I’ll be, cause she know
That I’m cautious, I’ll keep her
As closely as a kid
Croak if Imma sling her
Kingpin, I’m just a kin of
Lead her, never lead her on
She follow my feet though
Young wisdom seeker
Need me a goddess, Sofia
Woah, oh



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2 481 807 tekstów, 31 584 poszukiwanych i 308 oczekujących

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