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Saba - Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

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[Verse 1]
Grind time now, like rap battles
Killing a sonic wave, I’m shadow
An adult amongst children
Bout to take it home like bone thugs and phil nigga
Feel me, like 2pac in the passenger
I’m probably a massacre just waiting to happen
Procrastinating my rap career like are we on yet
These niggas ready for you to drop COMFORTZone yet
No, didn’t think it, until then it’s faith
Just shit on everything, I hope that everybody sees it
They take your dream and seize it, like a cellphone in class
But this the return of the real, like an alarm clock
Sab you woke em up, Sab you woke em up
No more tip-toeing in fear of a bang
They fearing a gang, and that is us
Don’t talk to me about who doing what
Unless you talking bout getting change, and I don’t give no fucks
Y’all to busy joking, y’all to busy riddler
So two face is next, but we breaking necks
Just keep them little niggas from round me
Or they’ll be paralyzed with a new pair of eyes
They never saw this happen
I never saw this happen
Me and [?] smoking in the basement and all we doing is rapping
That nigga started trapping, but I’m too focused, I’m too focused
Now these words at you nigga, I’m too kosh
God forbid that Chicago back around
And now y’all can’t come back around
By definition I’m a builder, I’m a make it
With my feet all on the couch like I stay here

Stay awhile, don’t go
Stay up while you on
Just get your foot past the door
Now relax, get comfortable
Stay awhile, stay awhile, stay awhile, stay awhile
Stay awhile
Stay awhile, stay awhile, stay awhile, stay awhile
Stay awhile

[Verse 2]
My time now, get used to me
I’m only writing a eulogy
Like what’s a verse, I’m only writing a hearse
Park on Park avenue, on Hearse, no rehearsal, I’m too loud
Uncle Lou, over heads like Duke, wrestle like [?] in a suit
Tell em rest in peace, this a funeral
Left all them old girls for some new ones
Like a sock in a socket I’m shocking who plugs
Keep your mouth closed, like halogen
While you in college course, they wanted like connoisseurs
I’m a course, the young man on his grizzly like Lionel Hollins
Cards is dealt then I’m all in nigga



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2 481 807 tekstów, 31 584 poszukiwanych i 308 oczekujących

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