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Saba - Reggie



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You smoking Reggie, that's that shit I don't like
But how you go your whole life
Just being content with alright
You're settling down to low grind
You smoking Reggie, that's that shit I don't like

[Verse 1]
While y'all was throwing kickbacks, I was throwing kickstarters
Like a thug in a party, I get shit started
Get a track I knock it out the field like I'm Glenn Barker
Boss dog like Cripwalkers, I lift often
So the bars must get lost, Saba on the up-and-up
Cooking like culinary amongst other stuff
Fuck with us, y'all ain't seeing my like [crust or crud?]
And I ain't sockin' with proof, Mekhi Phifer in booths
Pull all-nighters, I'm up in you -itis
I just hiatus'd and come again like a poo, like a poo
You 'bout to fall like ottomans, so, I call 'em [ottomans?]
I'm laid back, my great raps gone change rap, that's all the man
Status, like go ahead and cast yo' vote
Too many average living comfortable with Reggie Smoke


[Verse 2]
While y'all was thinkin' MySpace, I was thinkin' Instagram
I been a man and that's why listeners is instant fans
Records 'bout to pop, explode like kicking cans
They hear me rap and grab the 'saurus, look for synonyms
Bite me like Bart, bars out the ass
That's like a fart, simply put: I'm passin' gas
Got Reginald on a pedestal
For cheap highs, blink eyes, dreams they selling you
Lies; cheating wives, this unfaithful shit
Laker shit, how I play to win
You grind regular, you know I'm a bro
Serving like cornico-; I could teach you, I was born a coach
First class rap and you aren't a coach
It's only sad that you cool with it
If they smoke Reggie, I bet you hit it



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2 481 275 tekstów, 31 586 poszukiwanych i 476 oczekujących

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