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Saba - Marbles



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(Russell Westbrook)
Bro, what are you talking about man?
Bro, I’m out man, ya'll niggas trippin’

Ah, ah, yeah
You can’t get paid in a earth this big
You’re worthless, kid

[Verse 1]
I was taught to love the enemy that’s word sworn like a first born
And that grass grow from a dirt lawn
When daddy said he was leavin’, did it hurt mom?
Wait, wait who the fuck is this new nigga on her arm?
They call him shorty I’m a shorty damn near his height
You get outta the car you hitchhike, you ain’t ridin’ with us
You can die my nigga, I don’t care if I’m 5 my nigga
But everybody like you except me and you trynna accept me
Shit it would be easy if you bribed a nigga
Car tunes on masses so he turned to a vantage point
I just wanna see the world rotate
First time I saw the moon shine never stayed up so late
And we watched in a box while jumpin' in the bed in our socks
He pulls in the garage and he yells for Taj to come out
I, look around and go downstairs, ‘cause even if I don’t wanna go I know that my momma wouldn’t allow it
Guess we ridin’ around then
He took me to the store and told me that he got me
And then I started pickin’ out shit, glass cut, inside Gold
And a sphere so it rolls, it looked like a bunch of globes

We're all formless
Shapeless, flowin’
Foreign orbit
Starlight, sparkle
Ancient fossil
Flaws with marbles

[Verse 2]
I guess I get to see the world rotate after all
The big one is my shooter, like he had to ball
Shorty is the man to me now, but we had it all
In front of El Grand he made a nigga take his jacket off
You owe him money, better have it all
‘Cause you comin' with half, let's just say that that's something he won’t have at all
For salary, people hustle like Cassidy
I just got a new Casio and a karaoke machine
Now he ain't have the law, but he just know the system
I line my marbles up and I can see the solar system
They think I’m playin’ in the dirt, how naïve
Got into my first fight, and he lost his front teeth
Shorty taught me a cool handshake and I thought we made it up
Got to high school and realized we was just shakin' up
I see my reflection when I look into the heavens
Marbles in my pocket while the sun is settin', settin'

We're all formless
Shapeless, flowin’
Foreign, orbit
Starlight, sparkle
Ancient fossil
Flaws with marbles

[Verse 3]
You can’t get paid in this earth this big
You’re worthless, kid
Time to take action, affirmative
No more games like refurbishin', uh
I’m only 9 but I’m turnin’ 10
Bump, some alternative like
I ain't never heard of this, shorty let me burn the disk
Keepin' his head above water like he learned to swim
Of course that's when they tried to murder him
But I’m gracious, he took three, one grazed him
With his blood up on the pavement, he ain’t fried he just bakin’
Never seemed like such a cake walk the walk
Makes his way to a car, he go to pick up my mom
Like heaven can wait
When you this big planets start look like marbles
Just pray they don't use the sun as a shooter

We're all formless
Shapeless, flowin’
Foreign, orbit
Starlight, sparkle
Ancient fossil
Flaws with marbles


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