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Saba - Comfort Food ft. Legit

Comfort Food ft. Legit

Comfort Food ft. Legit

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[Intro: Sample]

[Verse 1: Saba]
Look, I'm ridin' like I fell in love
Down Roosevelt like Eleanor
We out the hood it's better for us
A private school in the suburbs
The quiet kid, he know his scores
Do he even have vocal cords?
They wanted me to speak up more
And I took this shit overboard
Worn like the mileage high, turned to a violent guy
I walk up in this bitch like ya'll know my name but it's funny cause I used to be kind of shy
Like, remember when [?] said hi, and I would just walk past her
I got a lot to say but not a lot of space so I talked faster
Now I'm far from the silent, feelin' less lost and misguided
College course is horse shit, no offense and I'm still undecided
On the fence like I was just here for the ride
I'm not up for election but could probably suffice as a write in
So quiet, because rejection like my biggest fear
My only phobia was growin' up and watchin' no one care
My character embarrassed, that it´s hard to just be myself
My cellphone went from zero contacts to 'bout a million in a year

If it’s flawed, it falls
If it's real, it won't
Just look at the stars, and know
Love is found, when it's lost

[Verse 2: Saba]
All I can be is myself
All I can do is me, R.I.P. to my stealth
Invisible but not invincible
Penetrable mental words like projectiles
How many of them went through
Went too far without talkin'
Talk about some shit you've been through instead of Bentleys and bent knees
That's a pet peeve I have when a rapper act like they can't breathe
They not alive but one dimensional, he went to the bank and withdrew his soul
But my soul is what I give you
Like Cassius duckin' the draft, now the fight is over hopefully I can win
At war with yourself when you look in that mirror you realize who you been fightin'
My father told me I'm 'bout to take it over, been recordin' since 10
Years old, not PM
These songs, these hymns
My life literally on wax from wacker to back out west though
Only nigga from the block that dream of different success
You think that he accept himself just cause he may accept a speech?
I'm out my comfort zone, I found myself, now accept me for me


When it's lost
When it's lost
When it's lost
Just look at the stars, and know
Love is found, when it's lost
When it's lost
When it's lost
When it's lost
When it's lost

[*Instrumental Change*]

[Verse 3: Saba]
Fake girls callin' me by my real name
Real people fuck with me cause I feel pain
Am I insane
For thinkin' that it's possible for me to blow up and I ain't deal 'cane?
I'm from the same street that fo' nem on, grew up on
That corner like they foundation is more like a cornerstone
Well wishes like a quarter thrown, even if it's sorta wrong
I'm 'bout to take it back like the waiter got your order wrong, crack epidemic
Fast forward thirty years, rap epidemic
Fashion and linen, fast bitten rhythm
I'm from the D, that's division, they put my nigga in prison
He wrote me every month and told me I'mma get it
I don't need your opinion, you don't gotta believe in me
There's niggas that'll bleed for me, the same go equally
Black ops lurkin' like COD
And white cops wanna kill me
Only cause I'm a black boy
The only rap boy that spit facts and I factoid
They kill niggas for their Concords
Me, I'm just tryin' to go on tour
My niggas comin' up with me out in carpool
To Toronto to something you all know
To something that you all know

[Verse 4: LeGit]
You must got your finger pricked on a spindle
Friends call me L'z, but you can call me Vincenzo
Minus the Uzi and kitchen I'm on a mission 'til it's
Breakfast at Wimbledon, turkey sausage and French toast
With all my niggas, I swear I tell 'em we this close
You need a dollar I got ya, spot ya like Glenn Close
I'm twenty two with dreams of payin' off them Benz notes
They pulled me over, L'z suspended, damn, I didn't know
Didn't matter, cuffed to a banister, finger prints on a scanner
Most niggas that talk about shootin' dudes is actors
To keep it real you probably hard as chutes & ladders
My next shit a brick of piff, you smell it through the plastic
Sonnin' all you bastards, and you gon' meet the parents like a male nurse
Cause when it come to these sixteens I'm well versed
Few thousand fans in one room, we send that bitch to the moon
Remind me to let you know if the hammer fell first, they probably yell church
But I might show up to the function in a tinted Hummer
With a Zoe Saldana, just left Benihanas
Might cut her off right after summer, I don't really want her
Keep it a hundred, she just a prima doma that's on a scholarship
Say she do this as often as the apocalypse
I told her save that shit to a floppy disk
Girl save that shit to a floppy disk

Say where-where-where you are
Is a reflection of where we start
If you shine your light on the world
Promise that you'll go far...


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