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S-X - Free At Last

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[Hook: Childish Gambino]
Free at last, free at last, free at last
Now I'm free at last, free at last

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
Hair smell like that OG, write verse on no sleep
Can't breathe, it's so deep, can't breathe, it's so deep
Nosebleeds are your seats
Courtside, with a girl with an ass like a horse ride
And she bad for my heart like a pork rind, heart attack
Tell that nigga I was poor and I ain't goin' back
But now I'm richer, all I need's a fuckin' almanac
Somebody check the time, been gone for a minute
Somebody check the dick, I've been long for a minute
Sean Paul for a minute, man gimme the light
I'm prayin' that these niggas don't see me tonight
I'm prayin' that a bitch start actin' right
I make movies, dude, I'm at Arclight
The Han Solo neck, the fro's carbonite
The carbon era, Arm & Hammer socialite
Two shots for y'all, too drunk to call
I sent an email, the text was too long
I'm waitin' outside, you're takin' too long
To take you to the club to get your groove on, I hate the club
I'm sittin' in the booth with the vapor, burn through the paper
My life is on purpose, you must be mistaken
I butcher these rappers, just bring home the bacon
Ah, shit, I hurt myself, lines so fire, man I burnt myself
Self-immolate like Tibetan super sepen
Suckin' a dick when I'm finished, pause, kittens
I ain't a player, I just stunt a lot, I ain't old, I just done a lot
Watchin' these women count calories
So why they still eatin' my Captain D's?
My architect has to learn Japanese
Nah, nah, they can't hold me
The crowd goes mild, lost in the world that was gone for a while
There's a coke in her smile
Model diet, he is who he says man, I don't buy it, I don't buy it
I don't really know, 'til the fat lady sing so Figaro
'Til my fans all sayin', oh, you didn't know?
Turnt up on the worst stuff, smoke one with a hurt lung
I'm at the drive thru with a no IQ nigga sayin'
Serve somethin', serve somethin'


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1 765 804 tekstów, 18 206 poszukiwanych i 714 oczekujących

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