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Rustage - Akatsuki Rap Cypher

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Tick, tick, boom
Take out mankind
With a land mine
Cuz I'm damn right
And I can't die
I'm on standby
Use my hand signs
On the sand tribe
Unloading explosions
I'm owning in cloning
In the kazekage
I'm goading 'em
Blowing them up sky high
Ready and getting impatient
Causing the disentigrations
You bother me
Insult my pottery?
When your so shallow
Battle me
I'll mess your face up
Like a Pablo Picasso
Art is an explosion
And I do it to the maximum
I never make mistakes
I keep making happy accidents
I'm sculpting my victory
Missing me
Clay clones
Can't catch me
This my ability
Delivery these injuries
Rolling with the Akatsuki


Puppetry master
I can outclass ya
Look at your body
I've achieved perfection
I'm immortal
Under planks and plaster
Marionettes are bringing you death
Watching you losing
Your breath
I can confess
One of the best
I'll be removing your head
Grandma chiyo
She ain't nothing but just a
Preachy hag
Don't be mad
I have had to grow up without
Mom and dad
Sakura stumbling
Never malfunctioning
Encompassing powers
Emerged forms
Think you can wander in
You will be suffering
Under the strength of the
Third lord


Everybody knows I'm the sickest
Itachi of the Sharingan
Foes move in slowmo
Throw my shuriken
With both eyes closed
That's a low blow
Even Orochimaru wants my body
No Homo
You think it's funny when my bro is in a chokehold?
All I see is blood when I start the Mangekyo though
Thinking you can pierce
My armor
That's a Susano no
Take your whole fam
Me and Tobi kill em solo
Spitting this fireball
Kisame's water wall
This flow has more art
Then Deidara's entire hall
Thinking you know me
But this would've been my
You seeing double
And trying to fight them all
Sending these crows to you
Cuz you'll be dying while
I'll just be chilling
Your mind is gone
A Shinobi unseen
I don't like applause (Kisame)


Kisame of the Akatsuki
Hidden in mist I'm a monster
Jinchuuriki power now combined
With Samehada
Eat ya chakra yeah I'm flexing
Underwater sharkskin
A sword in hand
That makes me one of seven
I'm a menace and I'll kill for you
Cuz I like the pain
Arrange an assassination
I'm making sure that your slain
I never wanted to leave em alive
But Itachi was holding me back
Swinging a sword that'll bite
When I slice
And you'll never be given a chance
Fight back but I know you cant
Don't got a plan but I'm sure I'll win
Akatsuki is my motivation
Holding the world in our hands
The sea not the land
You straight
I'm a slant
Hidden in mist
Unpredictable man
Never made friends
Killed all of them
If I had a chance
I'd do it again


Once upon a time
Ina village that's hidden
Picture him on his knees
Praying to the Jashin
A hooded mad man
With grey hair
Understand I'll swallow the blood
Of you next of kin
Now prepare
And beware
And be scared
As you feel the tiny hairs
On the back of your neck
Stand up
Feel me drag your body to the
Akatsuki lair
To the boss who's chillin In a chair
Now what?
Even if you go to decapitate me
I'll still be talking reckless
Bout the ugly puzzled expressions on your faces
Could care less about the money
I do it for religion
Envision me giggling like
A little girl at your funeral


These black threads grab necks
Next opponent to be trapped within the web
Will have their last death
Failed the mission for my village
And now they all want me gone
So I'm here living as a killer
With Hidan
We form the zombie combo
Stitched up like the monster
Of Frankenstein
Not a nip tuck
These scars are my battle lines
My rampant anger causes tremors like I slammed an anchor
And I can fix up any single wound without a bandage plaster
Foes are feeble
Blows are lethal
Flinging limbs and fire winds
Now ya chance of living's
Thinner than a sowing needle
Quick outburst
Of The Earth Grudge Fear
My enemies that I hurt cry tears
Rage has risen
Gonna burn my peers
Body part coming off
That I hurl like spears


Bringing the pain
With my almighty push
Stepping to me then your gonna get shook
Making some noise in the village
I'm making a killing
Now everyone's bout to get shushed
Brought the starting 6
They are some crew
Did Jiraiya dirty
When his student can to
Jump you
Piercing on our face
Red hair
Yeah we are the squad
If your a believer
Then you might want to pray up to you god
Wanna see just what I'm all about
I'm about my peace
So the leaf if getting taken out
Ain't nobody gonna take out The Akatsuki
That's Jiraiya's Pupil
Oh he trained an Uzumaki?
Got me
Thinking that he's gonna catch
A fade on site
This will be your cemetery on this very fatal night


Paper is like a tsunami
Folding just like origami
Power that's taking down armies
Dance of the shikigami
You can't harm me
The results for you will be quite
Paper wings I'm taking things
When breaking in like angels
Blowing you up with
Explosive tags
Showing up with a motive
Plan of action
That's my faction
Don't be brash when fighting me
My mind will set the precedent
It's evident
Your missing the point of all my

Black zetsu

And Madara
I controlled it all
Just to get myself to Kaguya
I can make Uchiha
Manipulate Indra
Cause a thousand wars
Just to activate the Rinnegan
I'm the better half
Shiro couldn't beat Sarada

White zetsu

Now I'm screaming sayonara
Hey guys! Shiro zetsu
I'm the guy you like
I was chillin in the Kage summit
Watching out of spite
Obito thinks I'm weak
And he never lets me fight
I don't really do that much
Man I'm kinda just a spy Kuro zetsu
I'm the one who's doing
All the work
Shiro zetsu is useless
Like Deku without a quirk


Looking right out of my hole
(My eye)
Yeah I'm silly as hell
(I'm fly)
Demeanor be looking
Way out of control
But don't keep thinking I'm frail
(I'm frail)
Everybody in the crew
Sick of my flow
Hoping I'm soon to be dead
Outside looking in
Your lucky we friends
You don't know what be
Inside of my head
(My head)
Zetsu on my side
We both are repping Akatsuki
Red clouds on my black cloak
And we want smoke with Hokage
Repertoire is so large
Everybody play they part
Cause Madara
Calling you murderer
Being a worshipper
Not knowing I'm in charge
Oh you think it's a farce
Cuz the one time thinking
I'm whimsical
Behind the scenes
And my team don't even know
What's inside of my chemicals
To be this cold
About to be disposed
Inside of my typhoon
For being bold
About to be exposed
Under the eye of the moon


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Rustage, None Like Joshua, Vinny Noose from Rockit Gaming , Eddie Rath, GameboyJones, Tokumei, Sketti, Yasuke

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