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Roy Jones Jr. - Ballers

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[Intro- Lil' Flip]
You know how we do it man
Ain't to many people ballin like us man
I go by the name Lil' Flip
I'm in here with my dog Roy Jones Jr, ya know
We makin this money man, that's what it's about
If You ain't makin' no money man I don't think ya'll
should be talking to us man
There's more money to make baby
Check me out

[Lil' Flip]
Look I came from nothing
I was broke as hell
I had three options sports, rap or jail
But now we're doin good, yup I'm still in the hood
I still ride candy paint
I still grip on the wood
Like Pimp an Bun B
I'm choppin on blades
I got a three story home
With two butlers and one maid
You know I gotta stay paid
'cause I love money
More karats than Bug's Bunny
You can't take nothin from me
'cause I'm strapped up
You'll get clapped up
Take that
While I'm doing 85 in a Maybach
So stay back 'cause we about our chips
It's Roy Jones and Lil' Flip
We rollin tight whips on 20 twin twins
So watch them Sprewell's when they spinny spin spin
'cause I'm a Trill ass nigga
I'm a top 10 sella
Pullin up in drop Benz yella
I'm rich fella
I make nothing but hits fella
I'm waking up to bacon, eggs and grits fella
And we love to spend 20 G's in the mall 'cause this is
the way we ball

[Hook- Perion]
If it don't shine it ain't me
Sit on less than 20 inch rims it ain't me
Pocket filled w/ less than a grand
It ain't me
No sir no mam
And I can't deny it 'cause that's what I am
So let me tell you what I am
I'm a balla
That's what I am
Baby A balla
One of a kind
I'm a balla
No sir no man

Check it
I got a house that stretch across 300 acres
It's the same size as the Staple Center for the Lakers
I got a court so if Shaq wanna play
He can come to my crib and we can do it my way
I got a Harley that I been bought that I ain't even drove
I'm a take a road trip to the East coast and holla at Hov'
I'm a balla
Fuck with Balla's
My Peers are top notch
We toss girls up don't know how to cock block
Lil Jay my road dog
we push them whips hard
we got cake
fuck them cops
we brake laws
I brake jaws
Me and Flip we brake broads
We pimps, if you don't watch yourself we'll take yours
I got bread
Big bread
Know my hands hot
185 but bigger than sasquatch
I'm a B-A-L-L-E-R
In Florida acting out doing donuts in my Ferrari


Body Head Bangers Volume 1 nigga taking over the streets you heard me
Body Head


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1 783 387 tekstów, 18 069 poszukiwanych i 802 oczekujących

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