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Roy Jones Jr. - And Still

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And y'all still wondering why
im still...
(and still)
the badest motherf**ker to ever step in the ring
Im hitting em with rights and lefts and all kinda things
Im beating one after the other
im like a big ass bear for a power but see my skills got me covered
so bring me your shit starters and watch me get smarter
and you can't even sell speakers that can hit harder
unless there amped with half a transnova
and after ive completed the job I stand over
(er)another misfortunate victim
I hate to see him go like that but y'all can go dig him
(er) that’s just another closed chapter
living for the good cheese just laid him low faster
im in a hell of a spot (and still)
sittin here waited at the top (and still)
listenin to the criticism knock (hahaha)
cos you motherfuckers must have forgot
that ill be straight out bangin (and still)
been here for twelve years maintainin
stoppin everybody that they bringing (and still)
the quiet storm that just keeps raining
answered every bell that be ringing
got my six titles still hanging
while them niggaz sleeping I'm up thinking
a new way to keep my best shit banging

Mr. unstopppable (and still)
Mr. undroppable (and still)
Mr. invincible (what)
Mr. unbeatable (and still)
Mr. unknockoutable X2

go get your hard hat
naaah critics dont even start that
you fed your big dog to a smart cat
i get off in his chest where his hearts at
and leave these niggas asking "where my dogs at?"
you should've thought twice before you did it
you knew i was nice dog admit it
so now you gotta try find anwsers
my hands will dance in line like line-dancers
i never show respect for finances
i know these other fighters dont take chances
got a basketball court in my mansion
thats why i show no love like pete sampras
i make em eat canvas
and i don't take the second guess, novoalty answers
all it takes is one round
y'all comin up the game but the champ won't come down


Dont talk about it if you ain't authentic
see i been sittin here for a minute
seen a lot of people go and come
seen some funny shit that wasnt so fun
seen people get no respect
seen them damn near die for low checks
but the Royce just kept on rollin
and like your phone i kept on holdin
to every title that i earn
pound for pound im not concern (why)
cuz if you put it on the line
Roy Jones will be one through nine
and number ten will be blank
the experts need time to think (hmmmm)
but from what i saw (shit)
Roy Jones number ten south paw
cuz number one had no flaws (and still)
have been through more shit than your draws
and still runnin over y'all
should have lift em like japanese jaws
so if you wanna make my day
bring something big and tough my way
and watch me put in my work
knockin motherfuckers dicks the dirt, still



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