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Quality Control - Fuck Dat Nigga ft. City Girls
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1]
Give me the cash, fuck a wedding ring
Put some ice on my neck, cash money watch it bling bling
Always talkin' 'bout the block hot
But you want a bad bitch in Givenchy slides?
Make the pieces hit or nigga Milly rock
Time up, yeah game over, shot clock
If you ain't got that bread you ain't got a shot
'Cause I'm that bitch, yeah real hot

[Verse 2]
It's Young Miami and I don't play with niggas
Bitches got jealous cause my pussy real glitter
Pussy nigga come correct, you better have figure
Dropped five racks and my titties got bigger
All y'all hoes be so fake
I been in the game, y'all hoes ain't
Got your baby daddy beggin' me to eat the cake
JT on the track, we ain't come to play, take off
I stay hot and ready like Lil Caesars
I need a nigga who gon' swipe me a Visa
Don't breathe on my neck, my back
If you ain't gonna cut that check
If he break his bread you better fuck with that nigga
But if he don't you better cut that nigga
Always in my DM's, say I'm stuck up
But when I ask you for something you say you fucked up, hell nah

You be talkin' all that fly siht
But you ain't really 'bout shit
I'm a fly bitch, she a freak bitch
That's the difference
And all you broke, bum, crusty ass hoes
Move over

[Verse 3]
He want to fuck with a raw bitch
Pretty face, white teeth, not average
I need four five M's like Savage
He with Monty [?] new digits off his plastic
[?] that Louis, spend racks
Head bitch, this your mag in the back
Thotty let's get some of this cat
Ain't shit sweet, I ain't having that

[Verse 4]
You want a freak, pussy pink like bubblegum
But talkin' shit fuck nigga this ain't free lunch
Keep it up, have them real niggas fuck you up
Keep my own money case a lame nigga try to cuff
Showin' off your watch, your ring
Pussy niggas spend your change
Showin' off your watch, your ring
Fuck niggas spend your change

[Verse 5]
Cough it up, nigga show me what you 'bout
I'm the baddest lil bitch in the south
Pussy wetter than Miami in a drought
After you bust a check you can give a lil mouth
It's about that time, gotta chase that check
I do what [?], now check my flex
Lil baby got mad so he might be next
Might take your nigga just to spend his check
Lil nigga gotta spend that shit
Can't fuck me boy, won't slang no dick
You ain't no chips, she ain't got no whips
Say you want a lil baby, well I ain't that bitch
'Cause you broke, and I need that check
I be up in club Liv, you be posted in LX
Say you want a lil time, well I need a [?]
Say he love me all the time, I don't even read the text


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Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1

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