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Pyrogene - The Sickening Game
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We take too much as guaranteed
And so we fall into disease
Our hate seeds were planted
To leave a pain overdose

Show me the city
Where green grass grows

Every day some have sniffed it
The pungent stench of the gold
To find themselves addicted
To the god they were sold

This misery
Goes out of me
Addicted to be here

Played once with a gambler
He showed me the light
Played once with a gambler
This sickening game
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What is it that makes this happen
What is it that makes them cry
Pain it flows in one direction
Condemned to fall but we’ve to try
Focus your dreams in one delusion
Don’t let this system make you crawl
Life is hell there’s no illusion
To reach a better side you’ll fall

You live to die – Orient express
Your son asks why – he has to live with this mess

Make this happen
One direction
One delusion
No illusion

Condemned to fall
Manufactured hell
Asian dreams
They solved us well
For cheap goods
They killed the spell
Of myths red beams
To fit in our schemes


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"What If ... It Was Live?" - EP

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1 720 312 tekstów, 18 093 poszukiwanych i 443 oczekujących

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