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Pure Prairie League - Runner

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You've made this run some time before
Breaking the curves like you knew for sure
But we used to know, if you wanted me here
Standing so close you make my fires tremble and my mind unclear

Burning up the highway, sun's rising
My horizons deepen with the blue
Old southbound wind, it's makin' me colder
And holding you closer I find your troubles aren't mine to lend

Next of kin, do you have to rub it in

I think I've had my fill of the river's restless flow
All in all, I could wait until the river is still

And the ice is on the benches
Another mad runner, have I used up all my chances

When they listen to the rain splashes
Grasping dry leaves through the open door
Do you really want to see me here anymore
It's a simple question I've learned my lesson now
So please let me come in

Close the curtains, let our love begin


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1 967 569 tekstów, 18 027 poszukiwanych i 245 oczekujących

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