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Puissance - Stance

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Where do you stand?
And what do you belive in?
The rise and fall of an empire?
Picking up speed...
The winds of change.
To send you hurling back into the fire...

It's a sad fact that you never heard the call.
Say it's a tragedy but we'll forget it all.
Walk along the edge of a broken razor?
See it all wiped not a single trace and?
Left to be found in the layers of ashes.
Waiting for the final slashes.
Say it won't happen to you? and so?
History will prove you wrong, off you go...

So here we are...
Another futile attempt.
To rebuild and shape the future.
But what can we do?
That hasn't been tried before.
Mother knows, there's nothing new to her...

Why not face the facts now give up and submit?
It's not worth the effort you put into this.
To give your life for pointless cause.
and it only leeds to even more pointless wars,
in the name of all that is wrong with your life.
You will misunderstand, then fight, then die.
And no one will even remember you lived,
and they'll blame someone else for the wrongs that you did.

And now it's obvious.
You made the wrong choice.
all through your life as expected...
So it brings us to a point,
we can clearly see,
that all the facts were neglected.

Well it wasnt really like you ever had a choice.
You're too in love with yourself and the sound of your voice.
And it's a real shame that we all must end the same,
almost makes you think it's an evil game,
that we all play wether we want or not.
We all play as we all loose and finally rot
in the grand curse, since dawn of time.
Somehow it's beautiful, yes sublime.


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1 928 883 tekstów, 17 759 poszukiwanych i 126 oczekujących

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