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Puissance - Speak My Voice
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Tekst piosenki:

Speak my voice and quote my thoughts
it's not all that bad to be an imitation.
Take my words and twist them into your own
you can even call them yours, i won't hold a grudge.
Because it's still better that it is said twice then
that it isn't said at all, and as soon as i open my
mouth the vultures flock to pick at my tongue.
I don't mind, you don't have to give me credit,
as long as you make a little sense.
Speake my voice and quote my thoughts
it's not all that bad to be a liar.
Take my truth and twist it into pointless garbage
i only wish people knew they weren't mine.
Because it hurts me to see you waste your own mind
but even more it hurts to see you waste the minds of others.
I don't know why you all come to rip off my ideas
maybe it's the lack of competition, maybe the world is
just a very empty place.
It wouldn't be nice to clean it, but i don't have the strength
to get involved.
I don't have an answer, and i don't have a cure
but as long as i have your attention
i might as well let you know how i feel.
I guess if we had tried a bit harder
we could have spawned a terrorist or two to end it all for us.
Someone with the courage and conviction to push the button
and send the whole world whirling into hell.
I'm not too worried though, it's only a matter of time.
Some day at the wrong place at the wrong time the wrong
person will make it all right.


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